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October 23rd, 2006

So, on Friday I saw Parlane/Jeck/Fennesz perform. It was an interesting listen, some stimulating noises.
Then last night, in the same venue, I saw the Payvar Ensemble from Iran.

Their performance left me full of joy, with a broad smile on my face. Absolutely stunning!

More than that, with their music, their togetherness, honesty and humility they gave me a better understanding of Iranian people, Iranian culture, Iranian spirit, free from political predujices and at a completely human level.
Ostad Mohammadali Esmaeili, who enchants the tombak itself with his playing, has a childlike playfulness in his drumming. It was impossible not to love him. He is possibly the best musician I have ever seen. I wanted to hug him.
The space and time they found for the music to flow into was marvellous.

Apparently, they will record for Radio 3 next week. I recommend it highly. But if have the privilige to get an opportunity to see them perform, see their faces and benefit from their wisdom… do not miss it!


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