Olbermann / Juba2

October 24th, 2006

The latest Olbermann special comment mentions the new Juba Video, which was transmitted on network news in the usa. Have you seen it? It’s brutal.

It has some of the same music that appears in ‘The night of Bush capturing’ 1st person shooter.

I had heard about ‘Juba’ but have not till today, seen him in action.

So lets get this straight; there is a sniper, called ‘Juba’ who has a rifle not only equipped with a powerful scope, but also video camera with a telescopic lens.

Thats just too much.

Those poor boys, being blown away for no good reason. It’s all bad…all bad.

And take a look at these soldiers, pissing their pants as they face death.

And now imagine being Drafted.

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