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November 6th, 2006

My 14-year old daughter asked me to ask you this question: Which ID card should she go for to show that she is entitled to concessionary fares on public transport.

She is in the process of opting-out of random drug testing at school because she believes that the swab will be used to collect DNA


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  1. meaumeau Says:

    If you still live where I think you do she should be able to use a birth certificate as proof of age to apply for a concessionary travel card.

  2. irdial Says:

    Bravo for having the guts to stand up for your rights and your personal dignity.

    They get you to accept ID in concept and fact by giving you discounts and other ‘incentives’ (bribes). This is why you should always refuse if you can, and just take an anonymous Oyster.


    You could get yourself a ‘Natalie De Clermont’ style student ID card with whatever name you like on it, and then apply with that. A legitimate fake ID if you will.

    Whatever you do, do not under any circumstances get an ID where you are in a DB run by British Rail, Transport for London or any other organization that has tentacles penetrating it from authority.

    There are many places where you can get an ID card, just google for them. They will be accepted anywhere, people use them every day, and they can have whatever name you want on them. With that link you can buy it online, over the internets.

    In London its like this:

    Children under 14 can travel free at any time on trams and across the entire London bus network, including sections outside Greater London.

    Under-11s can also travel free on the Tube and DLR during off-peak hours when they are travelling with an adult who has a valid ticket, are using Oyster to pay as they go or has a Freedom Pass.

    Some under-14s must have a valid Oyster photocard to get free or child-rate travel. 11-13 year olds who use the tram at Wimbledon must have an Oyster photocard to travel free.

    Children aged 14-15 can travel free at any time on buses and trams and across the entire London bus network, including sections outside Greater London.

    Please note, 14-15 year olds must have a valid 14-15 Oyster photocard to get free travel on buses and trams and some child-rate travel on the Tube and DLR.

    and here is how you do it at the Post Office:

    When I apply, what do I need to take with me to the Post Office?

    Complete the application form, get a parent or guardian to sign it, and take it, to the Post Office along with the following:

    * Recent passport sized photograph

  3. pytchblend Says:

    Thanks for your astute replies.

    She has decided against applying for a card now. Instead, when refused a concessionary ticket she will take the name of the conductor and write for a refund. (She will want to kick them, but I have advised her against it.)

    (meaumeau, who do you think I am?)


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