Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

November 6th, 2006

Tony Bliar talks trash in The Telegraph about ID cards.

Let us tear him to bits:

On any list of public concerns, illegal immigration, crime, terrorism and identity fraud would figure towards the top.

Illegal immigration: Close the borders
Crime: Lock up the criminals
Terrorism: Stop terrorizing other people in their countries
Identity Fraud: not the business of government

In each, identity abuse is a crucial component. It is all part of a changing world: global mass migration; easier travel; new services and new technologies constantly being accessed.

The world is not changing; what HMG has done is opened the floodgates to migrants instead of thinking about the future carefully. It is this open borders policy that has caused the ‘problem’. The world has not changed at all; people are exactly the same as they used to be. Had you not, Mr Bliar Mass Murderer, invaded Iraq, we would not be on the top of the list of skunk nations. That is a fact. If the UK removes itself from Shengen and the EU, then the migration problem goes away. That is a fact. No matter how easy travel is, if you are stopped at the border, all the woes of unchecked immigration melt away.

As for new technologies being accessed, where these are transactions between private entities, the government has no place butting its terrorist head between the two parties. Period.

The case for ID cards is a case not about liberty but about the modern world.

The case against ID cards is all about liberty in the modern world, murderer, traitor and betrayer Bliar.

Biometrics give us the chance to have secure identity and the bulk of the ID cards’ cost will have to be spent on the new biometric passports in any event.

Biometrics do not solve the ultra flexible list of problems you are trotting out, scumbag, and as for the bulk of the ID cards’ cost having to be spent on new biometric passports, this is a blatant lie. The new passports, in order to conform to the international standards need only have a digital photograph in them. Everything else you are doing is by the design of your criminal vendors.

I am not claiming ID cards, and the national identity database that will make them effective, are a complete solution to these complex problems. That is the tactic of opponents who suggest that, if their introduction is unable to prevent all illegal immigration or every terrorist outrage, they are somehow worthless. What I do believe strongly is that we can’t ignore the advances in biometric technology in a world in which protection and proof of identity are more important than ever.

They are certainly not worthless. They have a great value to HMG as a tool of absolute control and surveillance. You have completely lost this argument you bastard Bliar, thanks to ‘Frances Stonor Saunders’: the thread in that link is highly representative of what happens to people when they find out what your bogus ID Card scheme really means. Once people understand the true horror of it, they turn against it 180°. Precisely this conversation and millions like it have appeared up and down the country. You have LOST this argument Bliar, and the more people are informed of precisely what you are doing, the less likely it will be that your evil scheme will be pulled off.

Nor is the Government alone in believing that biometrics offer us a massive opportunity to secure our identities. Firms across the world are already using fingerprint or iris recognition.

That is a PRIVATE matter between customer and business. It is not by compulsion that they identify themselves in this way to a business, and if it is, that is a matter for them to deal with. Also, providing this information to a business is not by compulsion of the law, and neither does doing it expose ALL of your personal details to millions of civil servants, criminals, the police and every busybody in the UK.

Providing your biometric to a business is completely different. Not only do you have a choice, but if you do decide to be identified in this way to them, they have a legal obligation to keep your details secret, and if they fail in this obligation, you can seek redress in the courts. As we have shown on BLOGDIAL again and again, HMG doesn’t give a DAMN what damage they do to you. If you are mistakenly branded a criminal or an alcoholic, “TOUGH SHIT, we don’t care” is the response.

You can hardly claim that this is of benefit to the British public…oh, I’m sorry, yes you can, because you are a pathological liar.

More than 50 countries are developing biometric passports. France, Italy and Spain plan to make their ID cards biometric.

I have just covered this. This means only a digital photo. You are misrepresenting this, as expected.

Visitors to the United States now digitally record their fingerprint, and new UK passports from last month must carry a facial biometric.

I’m glad that you mention USVISIT, because that evil system shows EXACTLY what this ‘biometric net’ is going to be used for; catching innocent people, like the heads of the absolutely legal internet gambling businesses who were intercepted thanks to USVISIT.

USVISIT is not about stopping terrorists, its about arresting people who are in no way a threat to the USA, but who represent a way to extort monies from foreigners trying to visit that beleaguered and once great country.

It is also not about stopping illegal workers, since those are able to WALK into the USA in their MILLIONS on an annual basis.

This is the truth about USVISIT and these systems in general:

Since January 2004, US-VISIT has processed more than 44 million visitors. It has spotted and apprehended nearly 1,000 people with criminal or immigration violations, according to a DHS press release.

I wrote about US-VISIT in 2004, and back then I said that it was too expensive and a bad trade-off. The price tag for “the next phase” was $15B; I’m sure the total cost is much higher.

But take that $15B number. One thousand bad guys, most of them not very bad, caught through US-VISIT. That’s $15M per bad guy caught.

Surely there’s a more cost-effective way to catch bad guys?

Yes indeed there is, and it does not involve this faddish Biometric madness.

USVISIT is a lie, just like your ID card scheme is a lie. It is there to control the decent people, the people with disposable cash who are economically active.

We also know how effective it can be. In trials using this new technology on visa applications at just nine overseas posts, our officials have already uncovered 1,400 people trying to get back into the UK illegally.

So, for 1,400 people, the liberty of the ENTIRE UK is going to be flushed down the toilet. BILLIONS are going to be spent setting it up, and we are going to have all of our details recorded and made available to anyone who wants to see them, for life.

I don’t think so.

A national identity system will have direct benefits in making our borders more secure and countering illegal immigration.

That is a lie. Illegal immigrants WILL enter this country, and they WILL find work. If they are not able to find work, and are not able to leave, then they will turn to crime to survive, unleashing a crime-wave the likes of which this isle has never before seen.

Biometric visas and residence cards are central to our plans and will be introduced ahead of ID cards. I also want to see ID cards made compulsory for all non-EU foreign nationals looking for work and when they get a National Insurance number. This will enable us, for the first time, to check accurately those coming into our country, their eligibility to work, for free hospital treatment or to claim benefits.

Biometric residence cards for EU citizens are illegal. In France, the ‘Carte de Sejour’ was found to be in contravention of EU law for anyone with EU citizenship wanting to live in France. This will be challenged and it will be put down.

I am convinced, as are our security services, that a secure identity system will help us counter terrorism and international crime. Terrorists routinely use multiple identities – up to 50 at a time – to hide and confuse. This is something al-Qa’eda train people at their camps to do.

More lies. All the Madrid bombers had valid ID, as did the ‘hijackers’ in ‘911’ and the people who perpetrated ‘7/7’. ID will do nothing to stop these outrages, and you know this Bliar you mass murderer. This argument has been defeated many times since it was first trotted out by the adulterer Blunkett. It was a lie then and it is a lie now, which is why you have written it like it is the truth. You are a liar. That is what you do.

It will also help us tackle the problem of identity fraud, which already costs £1.7 billion annually – a figure that has increased by 500 per cent in recent years.

‘Identity Fraud’ is a problem of service providers and the customers they serve. The market will take care of it in a highly efficient way. For example, the market for paper shredders has skyrocketed because discarded paperwork is one of the root causes of people having their identities taken over. Remove the discarded paperwork, the threat is greatly diminished. That is the market solving problems efficiently. It is not the place of government to guarantee the identity of anyone to a business. Of course, this is not your true aim. Your true aim in this is to have a frictionless taxation system, where everyone and every penny they earn is taxable and transparent to you.

But that is another blog post.

Building yourself a new and false identity is all too easy at the moment. Forging an ID card and matching biometric record will be much harder.

But not impossible. Meaning that the small number of ID thieves that are working now will simply tool up to the next level, while the bleating UK population are fleeced, and the crime carries on unabated. And of course, since all the IDs of everybody in the UK will be in one place, criminals will have a one stop shop to get your ID from, and staffers in Whitehall will be happy to facilitate them, as they have been proven to be in the past.

There will also be the added ‘bonus’ to you, Bliar, of being able to look into everyones lives at will; you and the millions of people around the world who will be able to buy info on any UK citizen from the illegally created databases that will emerge, not to speak of the journalists, and corrupt civil servants who will make a fortune out of this gold mine.

The National Identity Register will help improve protection for the vulnerable, enabling more effective and quicker checks on those seeking to work, for example, with children.

The only evil here is you, Bliar. What this sentence actually means is astonishing. We have said on BLOGDIAL before how this will work. Everyone in this system will have a criminal record (even though the legislation does not provide for this). It will either be blank or not. Every company, individual an entity in the UK will be able to check wether or not you have a criminal record, simply by telephoning a service and dictating your number or asking you to swipe your card.

It should make it much more difficult, as has happened tragically in the past, for people to slip between the cracks. Crime detection rates, which fell steadily for decades, should also be boosted. Police, who will have access to the national database, will be able to compare 900,000 outstanding crime-scene marks with fingerprints held centrally.

This is total speculation. Bliar says it SHOULD make it more difficult, crime detection rates SHOULD be boosted. Its a gamble, and a gamble with the liberty of every British person in the land. It is unacceptable, even if the detection rates went up; after all, they do not keep criminals locked up long enough to make a difference, so this is totally absurd.

This is how a national identity system will help tackle some of the major challenges facing our country. However, I believe its benefits go beyond helping us counter problems. Biometric technology will enable us, in a relatively short period of time, to cut delays, improve access and make secure a whole array of services. By giving certainty in asserting our identity and simplicity in verifying it, biometrics will do away with the need for producing birth certificates, driving licences, NI and NHS numbers, utility bills and bank statements for the simple task of proving who we are.

The problem with all of this, is that in each of these scenarios, the government keeps a record of when you identified yourself, and where you were when you did it. They track you, keep you under surveillance, and none of this is needed to prove your identity. Systems can be developed that do not require a central database to verify identity but which are 100% infallible and accurate. Of course, these systems empower the user and leave the government with no way to centrally track you, which is why they were not pursued. This is a project of control, pure and simple, designed from the outset to facilitate the needs of government surveillance.

A national identity system will quickly become part of the national infrastructure. It should prevent us having to tell every agency individually when we move house. In future, we could be automatically alerted when our passports are running out.

Just because everyone might become used to it if it becomes reality doesn’t mean that its right. The people in the USSR were used to living in their totalitarian state for decades, so much so that when it ended, some of them wanted it to be brought back.

This line also demonstrates amply that every agency will know your address, because they are watching you.

So these are the benefits against which we have to gauge the disadvantages of introducing a secure national identity system. There are three main lines of attack — the civil liberties argument, effectiveness and cost. I know this will outrage some people but, in a world in which we daily provide information to a whole host of companies and organisations and willingly carry a variety of cards to identify us, I don’t think the civil liberties argument carries much weight.

It doesn’t outrage us Bliar. After participating in the murder of 650,000 this is peanuts. Your points need to be shot down nonetheless.

Just because we CHOOSE to give our private data to organizations and companies, and because we WILLINGLY CHOOSE to carry a variety of cards for clearly defined purposes, doesn’t imply that YOU and your murderous cabal of genocidal traitors have the right to COMPEL us to carry YOUR CARD.

This is the difference that totalitarianists cannot understand; we choose what we want to do in a free society, and we let the market solve our problems. If there was a need for a centrally controlled database where your every move was under surveillance, accessible to every civil servant criminal and busybody, someone would have created it and sold it to the public. That is guaranteed. And what’s more, it would work VERY WELL unlike the IT projects that HMG perpetually fumble. NO one wants this when they find out what it really means. You know this, you liar.

More than two million shoppers in the US already use a “Pay by Touch” system that links their fingerprints to their bank accounts, and a similar system is on trial here in the UK.

Not compulsory, and your entire life is not laid bare to everyone through it, though your shopping habits are. These systems are facing opposition, which is due to grow exponentially once people find out what it really means to hand over your fingerprints like a criminal.

Parliament has attached important safeguards to the scheme, which should meet reasonable concerns.


Individuals will have the right to see what information is held on them; the register will not contain medical records or tax and benefits information;

That is a lie. We now know that the personal and private medical data of everyone in the UK is about to be uploaded to the NHS spine in 2007 (unless something is done about it) and to think that the NIR unique number that is issued to you will not be used as your universal patient number is simply absurd. 250,000 people will have unfettered access to the spine, meaning that once these two systems are up and running as designed, it will be trivial to match you with your medical records, and literally, millions of people will be able to see everything about you, including and not limited to, your medical records.

One of the reasons why this system is being built is, ostensibly, to cut benefit fraud. That means that anyone in the DSS system will have their NIR unique number in that database, meaning that all the people who have access to that system will be able to pass your information on that database to anyone else.

Any database run by HMG where your NIR unique number is attached to your name creates in effect, a virtual database, that is trivial to ‘short circuit’ into a connected single database, accessible as if it were a single entity. Everyone knows this.

This is an experiment not only in mass surveillance, but in how much intrusion and violation a civilized population will take before it breaks. That is why it is vital that no matter what the consequences, we all absolutely refuse to let it happen, by denying access to our GP records, not registering in the NIR by renewing our passports right now and not applying for new ones should the system come on stream. If we don’t do this, the message is, “fleece us, we don’t care”.

full accreditation will be required for any organisation that wishes to use the data – and they will have to get consent from each individual before they access their details.

That is bullshit not only because of what I just wrote, but consent in this case means handing over your card for a swipe, which will be construed as consent for your records to be accessed. ‘Full accreditation’ in this case means anyone who can pay the trivially small fee for accessing the Identity verification service, which will be an online service, and if you are not accredited, you simply pay someone who is. More lies from the Maximum Liar.

It was also very clear from last week’s arguments about surveillance and the DNA database that the public, when anyone bothers to ask them, are overwhelmingly behind CCTV being used to catch or deter hooligans, or DNA being used to track down those who have committed horrific crimes. And that’s what surveys suggest, too, about their position on ID cards.

The surveys that have been done have been shown to be wholly inadequate because the questions used did not address what the ID card scheme actually means to the interviewee. Questions like, “If an ID card could cut crime, would you be for it?” does not tell us anything at all about the real opinion of the interviewee, and the people who ran these polls knew this when they conducted them. As I said before, people are waging their own infowar on this subject, and the facts about this system are so chilling people go ballistic when they understand what it all really means.

Then there is the argument that ID cards and the national register simply will not work. This rests largely on the past failures, which I accept exist, of IT projects of all governments. This, however, seems to me an argument not to drop the scheme but to ensure it is done well.

‘Done well’? Bliar, you have absolutely no understanding of databases and computers; in fact, you are computer illiterate. This is clearly demonstrated by your statements on this subject. You are a luser. An asshat, and a murderer. Your next victim will not be the freedom of the British.

There are plenty of examples of how this can be achieved. The Passport Service database, which holds 70 million records, has already issued 2.5 million biometric passports since March.

See? A total moron.

That leaves the cost to the individual. Here, too, there has been some confusion. I simply don’t recognise some of the figures that have been attached to ID cards which, too often, include the costs of biometric passports. This is unfair and inaccurate.

You will be MADE to ‘recognize’, Bliar!!!

We will have no choice but to have a biometric passport, if we want to travel abroad.

That is a lie. We DO have a choice. ‘Biometric Passport’ means only a digital photo as the minimum requirement to qualify as ‘Biometric’. All the rest of it, the eye scans, fingerprints etc is all optional.

The United States has started to require them.

Yes, and we should REALLY follow them further into the abyss shouldn’t we?

This will soon be the case throughout the world. On present estimates, biometric passports make up 70 per cent – or around £66 – of the cost of the combined passports/ID cards we want.

and will not get.

The additional cost of the ID cards will be less than £30 — or £3 a year for their 10-year lifespan. Not a bad price for the problems I am convinced they will help us tackle and for the benefits they will bring. […]


My God, the evil of this man is beyond belief. The lying bastardy, the baseness, the misdirection, omission, ignorance…The only price that matters in this bogus equation is that of LIBERTY and FREEDOM. The value of liberty and freedom are infinite. That means you cannot use them in an equation of any kind where you are trying to do a cost benefit analysis. You traitor. And even if we were to take your figures seriously, which we do not, they are totally bogus. The cost of running the system must be taken in aggregate and not on the individual level, since that is the context in which the money is going to be spent. Also, the benefit is not to the individual, but to the state, and since the man in the street is being made to pay and not the state (yes, they really are two separate things, now more than ever) HMG is getting a total surveillance system for free. The only people who are benefitting financially are the venal vendors.

Tony Bliar is a bad guy. With this scheme, he is single handedly throwing away what greater men than him died for in two world wars. He is a traitor to this nation, as are all the people are helping put this together, and those who voted for it.

It is not too late however to dismantle the whole thing. It has been done before, right here in the United Kingdom There is no justification, no excuse, no rationale that can be trundled out to justify enslaving people.

That is the bottom line. That is what this system is; a radical dehumanizing slave grid. The answer is ‘no’ and this scheme will be destroyed; mark it well nunckle.

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  1. Alun Says:

    Just to remind people that only Bliar and his band support this idiocy, some quotes from the Tories and LibDems today:

    For the Conservatives, shadow home secretary David Davis said: “He claims they will deal with benefit fraud, whilst his own minister pointed out that 95% of benefit fraud is caused by people lying about their circumstances, not their identity.

    “He claims they will tackle terrorism, whilst his home secretary on the 7th July last year said ‘I doubt it would make a difference’.

    “And he claims it will tackle identity fraud when Microsoft tells us it is more likely to trigger identity fraud on a massive scale…. it will almost certainly cost

  2. Stamping out the embers of the ID Card nightmare | BLOGDIAL Says:

    […] would stop terrorism was not believed by anyone with a single brain cell, and everyone who said it was called a liar by us, and people better than […]

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