Rather than suffer mass rebellion….

December 19th, 2006

Here we go….

Rethink on ID card computer plan

This is yet another lie. Saying that it is a ‘rethink’ implies that there was thought given in the first place. This is demonstrably not the case.

The government has abandoned plans to build a new computer system as part of the national identity cards scheme.

Instead information will be held on three existing and separate databases.

So, we will have three times as many points of access than before. Well done! And in any case, these three DBs will have to be synchronized for the real time magic to happen, so it will for all intents and purposes act like a single database.

This data, wether it is held on one or a thousand different computers should not be held at all. That is the thing that needs to be understood by HMG.

Home Secretary John Reid denied this was a “U-turn” saying it would save money, lead to greater efficiency and lower the risk of fraud.

Lies lies and more lies. They now know for sure that these measures will not prevent people from getting fake ID issued to them, complete with bogus NIR entry. The whole thing is a sham and a lie, and they all know it. This is being done to line the coffers at Schlumberger and the other vendors who look to make a trans-generational killing on the fleecing of the UK citizenry.

All non-Europeans already in the UK – not just those arriving from 2008 – would have to register biometrics, such as fingerprints or iris scans.

This is bollocks. Imagine a piece of legislation saying that you had to be fingerprinted like a criminal just to enter or stay in the UK…uh oh, thats exactly what they are talking about. When the millions of people who came to live here did so over the last forty years, they did so on the premise that they were coming to live in a free country. Now they are changing the agreement, and saying that you must now sign up for their fascist police state, or get out. This is so wrong it beggars belief.

The controversial National Identity Register (NIR) was originally proposed as a single “clean” computer system built from scratch to avoid repeating mistakes and duplications in the government’s computer systems.

We have been through this garbage soooo many times, and over such a length of time….now we are winning. Finally.

‘Lower risk’

Now the information will be spread across three existing IT systems, including the Department of Work and Pensions’ (DWP) Customer Information Service, which holds national insurance records.

Once again, it will be held between three different systems, all of which will need to be synchronized. It is a disaster times three, no doubt about it.

Mr Reid denied IT companies had wasted millions on preparation work for an entirely new system, saying the industry had been consulted on the move.

AT WHOSE INSTRUCTIONS WAS THIS MONEY WASTED you dirty swine? And now you are going to spend MORE money putting in a system that millions will reject out of principle, knowing full well that it will do nothing to stem the tide of people, stop any crime whatsoever etc etc.

“Doing something sensible is not necessarily a U-turn,” Mr Reid told reporters.

White is black, day is night, right is wrong, up is down, hot is cold, war is peace, freedom is slavery.

“We have decided it is lower risk, more efficient and faster to take the infrastructure that already exists, although the data will be drawn from other sources.”

YOU have decided this? Upon consultation with whom? Based on what parameters? This is more bullshit….and they know it.

Iris scans

The move was welcomed by campaign group No2ID.

Spokesman Michael Parker said campaigners had been warning the Home Office for years about the dangers of “putting all your eggs in one basket” when storing data.


Biometric information will be stored, initially, on systems currently used for asylum seekers, while biographical information will be stored on the DWP’s system.

So, your prints (should you be stupid enough to hand them over) will be stored with asylum seekers, where, thanks to the imperfections of biometric systems, you can be mistaken for someone who is not British, and who is in fact, the lowest creature in the Neulabour mind-set. That MIGHT be OK if you are not brown. And I don’t mean Gordon Brown.

Other information, on the issue and use of ID cards, will be stored on the existing passport service computer system.

Which we already know is a broken system that can allow near instant cloned passports, and which of course is open to all the insider abuse that Whitehall is already renowned for.

Mr Reid also announced proposals to force foreign nationals from outside the European Economic Area (EEA), who are already in the UK, to register their biometrics, such as fingerprints and iris scans.

And just how is he going to do that, and who in their right mind is going to agree to it?

This is already due to happen for those applying for visas to come to the UK from 2008, but Mr Reid said: “We are going to look at how we could do it for people who are already here.”

I would suggest that you look very hard at all of this and then throw it all in the garbage. There is no way that any self respecting person is going to knuckle under to your fascist bullshit.

Fake identity

He said the ultimate aim was to make all foreign nationals from outside the EU to register their biometric details but the scheme would begin with people re-applying to stay in the UK.

This will be challenged in court, and they will fail. You cannot treat people like criminals. Period.

He said he wanted to tighten up exit controls at ports and airports, as well as entry requirements.

“We want to count everybody in and count everybody out,” said Mr Reid.

Why? What will this achieve? What crime will it prevent? The answer is there is no reason for this, it will achieve nothing and that it will not prevent a single crime.

Foreigners from outside the EU would not be able to get a National Insurance number unless they have a biometric identity.


Immigration Minister Liam Byrne said a consultation paper would be published in the New Year.

Will this be like the previous consultation, where 5000 ‘noes’ were counted as one ‘no’ simply because they originated from a single website? Like that consultation that got all the facts right, that you are admitting were right only after MILLIONS of pounds have been wasted?

Don’t even PRETEND that this consultation paper will have any weight, its just an insult, and we are tired of these insults and your lies you dirty bastard.

Mr Reid said ID cards would help tackle illegal immigration, identity fraud, fight organised crime and terrorism, help protect vulnerable children by allowing better background checks and improve public services.

He said that? really?!?!?!?!?

They would not stop people having a fake identity, he conceded, but would prevent people having multiple identities, which he said were most often used by “crooks, terrorists and fraudsters”.

You have GOT to be kidding!!!!!! This is the STUPIDEST thing I have ever heard from Fascist Labor. If your prints are in the DB and a system operator is compromised, then you can have multiple identities. Period.

“You can go around claiming the first time you are John Reid, but you can not then come round a second time claiming you are Liam Byrne,” he said, by way of illustrating his point.

No one, would ever claim to be John Reid. That is just ABSURD. Honestly, even CRIMINALS have some shame.

Civil liberties

The plans were laid out in an action plan which Mr Reid said was a “countdown” to the introduction of ID cards.

The only thing we are ‘counting down’ to is the end of your evil regime you dog.

ID cards are due from 2009, becoming compulsory for anyone applying for a passport from 2010. Critics question their cost and the impact on civil liberties.

The card will contain basic identification information including the name, address, gender, date of birth and photo of the cardholder.

A microchip would also hold biometric information.


And yet again, (and no surprise) BBQ fails to live up to its responsibilities, and lets this all slide by.

Pure unadulterated evil, and its ever compliant supporter.


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  1. irdial Says:

    Linke I said; someone is going to challenge the requirement that foreigners be fingerprinted:

    Reid to face legal fight over ID cards By Nigel Morris and Ben Russell Independent Published: 20 December 2006

    John Reid faces the threat of legal action over the introduction of biometric ID cards after disclosing that foreigners living in Britain would have to start registering within two years.

    Campaigners warned that the proposals could be discriminatory and breach European human rights law…


    People are not just going to sit down and take this crap.

    Then there is this:

    Alan Travis, home affairs editor Wednesday December 20, 2006 The Guardian

    Compulsory powers to fingerprint and photograph 700,000 foreigners a year who live in Britain as part of the national identity card scheme were announced yesterday by the home secretary, John Reid, as the scope of what critics see as a future Big Brother state became clearer. At the same time, 150 screening centres around the world are to be set up in 18 months so that biometric data – electronic fingerprints and photos – can be taken and stored from passengers coming to Britain from 169 countries outside Europe.

    But Mr Reid had to confirm that the Home Office’s original plans for one huge new “clean” database to store the details of everyone resident in Britain have had to be scaled back on the grounds of expense as the government tries to cut the estimated

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