Saddam Hussein’s execution: the US murders its creation

January 3rd, 2007

By Larry Chin

With the hanging of Saddam Hussein, the Bush administration, the mastermind of 9/11, has stayed true to criminal form, staging yet another offensive, grotesque and violent act of murder, “celebrating” it, propagandizing it, and demanding that the entire world join the George W. Bush lynch mob.

The week-long Saddam murder carnival is classic Bush administration, classic Karl Rove: find a relatively quiet moment (a holiday for most of the world), during which people are distracted, to lob a political bomb that dominates world media for days, in the hopes of “shocking and awing” public opinion and destroying political opposition.

Bush-Cheney-Rice has promised to “stay the course,” and here is more proof that they will, and thumb their noses at the entire world in the process.

The barbaric hanging of Saddam Hussein, and the resulting gibberish from the mouth of the insane, murder-loving George W. Bush, does not change worldwide opposition to the criminal Anglo-American policy one iota. It does not hide the criminality of the Bush administration’s illegal invasion and occupation, or the multitudes of crimes committed over the past several years. It will not halt for one moment the investigations underway — the political hanging — that the opposing Washington faction has in store.

It does not hide the historical fact that Saddam Hussein was, and remains even in staged death, a creation of the United States — America’s strongman, the CIA’s Iraq asset, put into power, funded, nurtured and loved by the United States, and the best friend and business associate of George H.W. Bush. Let the photographs of Saddam Hussein shaking hands with the likes of Donald Rumsfeld speak for themselves.

Let the fact that all of the weaponry that Saddam Hussein used to commit atrocities was supplied by the United States, along with logistics and the political a-okay directly from Washington.

Indeed, who was truly responsible for those massacres?

Indeed, which individuals — which “brutal regime,” which “horrible dictators” — truly deserve to go to the gallows for mass murder and crimes against humanity?

Which individuals are responsible for the atrocities and mass murder that have been continuous and daily since 2003?

Like his historical strawman brethren (Manuel Noriega, Osama bin Laden, etc.) Saddam Hussein, for whatever reason, never fingered the men who made him, despite many opportunities presented during his three-year kangaroo court. A final act of loyalty, perhaps.

But facts are facts, and these facts are documented history, for anyone to look up.

Saddam Hussein’s execution, Bush’s latest incitement, is sure to fan more hatred, and roil the mushrooming civil war and chaos. It will make the despised Iraqi puppet government (composed entirely of US intelligence assets and traitors), all the more unable to manage the chaos and anger, and the impossible rifts between factions. This, too, is part of the larger Bush plan to foment further violence and create more terrorism across the Middle East, and end all talk of negotiation; all talk of a “change of course.” All so that US forces will never leave the region, never end the “war on terrorism.”

Could a staged capture and execution of “Osama bin Laden” be far behind?

The nightmare reality of a world in chaos, in flames at the hands of the Bush administration, can no longer be obscured by violent, grotesque Orwellian propaganda designed to distract and divide.

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