Triplet T Shirts

January 5th, 2007

Happy New Year Blogdialians!

Is there a definitive list of all Blogdial triplets anywhere, or is it a case of sifting through 6+ years of posts?

Also has anyone bought the Robert Henke Layering Buddhabox set? Any good? Worth £36?

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  1. irdial Says:

    I have wanted the definitive list of Triplets, as posted on BLOGDIAL for ages, and had we not been running Blogger, it would be a piece of piss to retrieve them all now. I fear someone is going to have to trawl through the Blarchive for them. It will be worth it though. Then, they should all be put on Cafepress t-shirts; one shirt for each triplet; after all, we are the masters of Triplets are we not?!!!

  2. Alun Says:

    Happy New Year!

  3. Alun Says:

    Please post your favourite. I’m re-reading them now.
    We /are/ good, aren’t we!

    pure evil genius!

  4. Alun Says:

    Originally posted 2 years ago…

    It was complete then… and we’ve been slacking since. As have I.
    Actually, even the ones in that post didn’t make the cut.

    Sorry this post is in 3 parts (so far). But so is my brain. At least, it feels that way.

  5. irdial Says:

    Golders Green Gartside

    Here we go again!

  6. alex_tea Says:

    Pre-occupied Piper.

  7. meaumeau Says:

    Silly Billie Piper

    Armitage Shanks’ Pony

    State of Mind Control

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