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January 5th, 2007

Fact: People actually DO see unknown, advanced performance craft with capabilities well beyond what ANY earth government or military is currently capable of producing. So many tens of thousands of reports from very credible and many technically adept witnesses going back at least to 1947 show that these objects seen are real and that they are not man made.

The same lame categorizing of witnesses who have seen these objects as “believers” is as incredibly stupid as categorizing people who have seen airplanes flying and on the runways as “believers”. Are they to be considered as airplane believers or as witnesses? i think it is those who label witnesses as believers that are the “true believers” of their own horse manure.

Ridicule and debunking of such sightings are the signs of little, fearful minds being confronted with strange things they cannot neatly place into their own extremely limited and prejudiced worldview. […]

Comments on the O’Hare event on Cosmic Log

We have been saying this for decades; its only a matter of time before something irrefutable happens, and thanks to the density of cameras today, its probably going to happen very soon. There are already so many pieces of footage out there it just boggles the imagination that there are still people who think UFOs are not alien spacecraft.

If you get a chance, download or buy Dan Aykroyd Unplugged on UFOs there is some footage on there that is mind blowing.

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