Saint Patrick Moore, Lord of the Heavens

January 7th, 2007

The Sky at Night.

For whenever you have a spare 20 minutes, discover a beautiful little part of the universe.

2 Responses to “Saint Patrick Moore, Lord of the Heavens”

  1. alex_tea Says:

    I went to Patrick Moore’s house when I was about 11. He showed me his 9″ refractor.

  2. irdial Says:

    Mimi Majick has a personal letter from him. On a note of curiosity, isnt he a UFO Skeptic? Hopefully he will live long enough to see UFO Skepticism dashed on the rocks of reason.

    btw, if you have not been doing so, you need to keep an eye on the O’Hare incedent that was reported at NUFORC it is causing quite a stir because of the quality of the witnesses, and for sure, because of where it happened, there are going to be some photographs.

    This one they cant just ridicule away.

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