The BBC Crime Family

February 23rd, 2007


Like most believers in the BBC (Bush, Blair, Cheney) version of 911 events, debunkers claim the White House—George Bush particularly— is too inept to implement 911. Too dumb. They claim a bungler like Bush, who bungled the Iraq War, would have bungled 911.

Sadly, Monbiot and Cockburn have studied little world history. Consider how a bungled anarchist and second-rate painter grabbed power in Germany (with the backing of bankers and industrialists, Prescott Bush among others) and cemented fascist power there with a false flag operation called the Reichstag Fire. Then this “bungler” masterminded a series of attacks on surrounding countries, conquering and occupying many of them in the process.

When the Left gatekeepers accuse the 911 Truth Movement of being “distracted” in opposition to the military-corporate-media triad, we Truthers can only shake our collective heads. As time passes, those misguided patriots (or disinfo pros), may yet realize that 911 was the golden key to the Pandora’s box. They may yet realize the 911 attack was a state-sponsored, state implemented operation carried out by professionals, involving several tiers, several hierarchies of power. Needless to say, when a former German corporal, former imprisoned anarchist, former “bungler” named Adolf Hitler, devised a daring yet diabolical attack plan, those who implemented the plan—Generals Guderian, von Rundstedt and Rommel—were extremely competent and coldly professional.

Time is on our side. Far from being “fantasists posing a mortal danger” we Truthers see the bigger picture. The logical picture. The scientific picture. The historical picture. The overwhelming, incriminating, body-of-evidence picture. Far from embracing the 911 conspiracy as some sort of warm and fuzzy “security blanket,” as suggested by a former TV producer, we prefer to be Diogenes with his lantern, Galileo with his telescope, Tom Paine with his Common Sense. Light years ahead of sunshine patriots.

Footnote: I spend a lot of time lately reading a website wholly devoted to 911. I follow the mostly intelligent remarks and the comments by the trolls. The grassroot Spirit of ’76 is alive there at If you haven’t discovered it yet, go there for your “fantasist” fix. The only mortal danger is to the trolls and disinfo pros.

Novelist and amateur historian, Douglas Herman wrote the widely reposted “Confessions of A 911 Hitman” and contributes to Rense regularly.

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