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April 11th, 2007

I have been wondering about how the removal of DRM from the EMI catalogue could be interpreted (aside from the ‘EMI: gods or geniuses?’ waffle), given the continued poor state of EMI’s finances and the ongoing speculation about the Warner group’s possible buy out of the ‘major-independent’.

As a going concern EMI looks increasingly ropey, removing DRM could be a short term attempt to boost sales and increase share activity making an earlier [Warner] bid more likely.

Warner is very much pro DRM by its removal EMI could be attempting to tempt a buyer that will reimpose DRM in order to stifle the spread of (official) unrestricted download material. I also imagine that if this is the case at the very least a number of headline performers will be asked to sign new contracts for [Warner] and less profitable product lines will remain DRM free as a sop/testing ground.

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