Germany and Taleban united; They both ban home schooling

April 19th, 2007

Well well well!

Thanks to Valerie at Home Education Magazine for alerting us to this. It appears that Germany has an interesting twin state when it comes to Home Schooling:

C-Ville Weekly, Charlottesville, Virginia, 10 April 2007, UVA student’s film wins Peabody Award

For a broadcast journalist, winning a Peabody Award is a crowning achievement. But for UVA junior Sahar Adish, it was just another day in the college grind. What did she do to celebrate when she heard the news? “I took a three–and-a-half hour exam,” she says.

The theme of the project was fear and security, and Light House’s film focused on the life of Adish herself, an Afghani refugee whose family was forced to flee the Taliban-controlled country in the late 1990s for fear of their lives. Adish’s parents were in trouble with the Islamic fundamentalist regime for violating Taliban law. Their crime? Secretly home-schooling their daughter and several neighborhood kids. Schooling was forbidden.

Others have found their inner protester by seeing photos of Melissa Busekros.  Is it that we need a face to provoke fury over affronts to freedom?

Seventies-style consciousness-raising is fine.  I think the German educational establishment is now aware of homeschooling, or at least aware of homeschoolers.  Perhaps we should share our insights with the Afghani authorities as well.

Lol Taleban!

Her parents were forced to flee with her from Afghanistan because they were home schooling their children, just like the German families are being made to flee Germany.

Now, in Afghanistan, school itself was forbidden, but in Germany schooling out of state control is banned. It is essentially the same thing, because the Taleban want to control what people do and do not learn absolutely (you must only learn Koran), and so do the Germans; they want you only to learn what the state says your children should learn, and nothing else.

Both states use vicious punitive measures to pressure anyone who will not conform to their standards of education.

Can you say ‘Strange bedfellows’?

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