UFO Disclosure is coming; hold on to your hats

May 19th, 2007

UFO Disclosure – The Harsh Reality
by Patrick Cooke 

On May 9, 2001, Dr. Steven Greer of The Disclosure Project paraded a convincing cast of military and government witnesses before cameras at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. And then……nothing. Almost 6 years of non-disclosure about why it never went beyond that single press conference, even though it was the brightest “flash in the pan” the UFO movement had experienced.

Almost immediately, Greer set up a corporation dedicated to finding the elusive technology to provide the world’s energy needs with “alien technology”. He put all his efforts into that, and all we ever got was a video to remember the hope the press conference generated. The hope that, finally, we might get some answers from the government went the way of most alternatives to mainstream thought; it got sold.

Even though very little has been done, not withstanding the efforts of Steven Basset and a few others to force government disclosure, something recently, almost out of the ether, seems to have generated that governmental UFO disclosure so important to the credibility of the entire UFO movement. And, interest in UFOs has spread from the generally ignored paranormal and UFO “community” to the mainstream media. Suddenly, the justified fear of ridicule connected with reporting UFO sightings is fading and acceptance by the mainstream is increasing.

Recent Disclosure History

The best remembered UFO disclosure event to occur, which remains one of the largest “elephant in the room” in the UFO field, was Project Blue Book in 1969 that was undertaken by the United States Air Force. It was officially discontinued with the Air force citing the reason that UFOs did not present any threat to national security. It should be noted that this was not a denial of existence.

We do not need to go back hundreds or thousands of years to find clues to the current interest in UFOs; a decade will suffice.

  • March 1997 – The Phoenix Lights event garnered the widest international attention of any UFO encounter in modern history in March 13, 1997. Less than two years later, in
  • January 1999 – Joe Firmage, a Silicon Valley CEO turned UFO evangelist, posted his a 700-page UFO manifesto, “The Truth”.
  • May 2001 – The Disclosure Project National Press Club event mentioned above took place, and Stephen Bassett took up the cause of UFO disclosure in his independent candidacy in the 8th Congressional District of the State of Maryland. (N.B. look at these testimonials on YouTube)
  • May, 2004 The Mexican Department of Defense released videos of a sighting of multiple UFOs taken by an Air Force Merlín C26A, virtually admitting that UFOs exist.
  • July, 2004 – Governor of New Mexico and presidential candidate, Bill Richardson, stated, “It would help everyone if the U.S. government disclosed everything it knows.”
  • February, 2005 “Peter Jennings Reporting: UFOs — Seeing Is Believing” (N.B. a VERY shitty documentary. A much better one is ‘UFOs are Real‘ or ‘Out of the Blue‘)
  • May, 2005 – A year after the Mexican DoD released its videos, the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) releases all its files on UFO contacts.
  • September 2005 – Paul Hellyer, Canada’s Defence Minister, publicly stated, “UFOs, are as real as the airplanes that fly over your head.”
  • April 2006 the Paradigm Clock, which tracks proximity to a formal acknowledgement of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race, was reset to 11:59:45, just 15 seconds to midnight.
  • November 2006 – A significant sighting took place at O’Hare Airport in Chicago and received worldwide attention and media coverage.
  • February 2007 The Chilean Army discloses recordings and secret contacts with UFOs before over a thousand attendees at the 10th International UFO Congress.
  • March 2007 – The French national space agency, CNES, placed 1600 previously classified UFO sighting reports into the public domain on the Internet.
  • March 2007 – Former Arizona governor, Fife Symington, revealed that he had seen a massive black triangular UFO fly overhead early in the evening of March 17, 1997 – the first Phoenix Lights event.
  • April 2007 – The proposed “U.N. Decade Of Contact” to establish diplomatic relations with advanced E.T.s petition is well on its way to reaching its goal for submission to the United Nations.

Of the 14 major events listed above, which are moving UFO disclosure closer to reality, 11 have occurred in the last 24 months. This indicates that the mainstream is moving rapidly toward an acceptance of the greatest revelation in human history. Or, is that better phrased as a return to the beliefs our ancestors held since the beginning of human history?

The UFO Paradigm Shift

There is no record of recent influence in human affairs, by the occupants of UFOs, although there have been reports of high tech tampering with nuclear weapons and possible power interferences during exotic weapons testing. This is, of course, excluding the exotheological concept that the ancient religious writings were inspired by extraterrestrial contact. Most of the UFO contact recorded with the military is because of the mere presence of UFOs, not any aggressive action on their part. Just the fact that they are there seems to make those witnessing them presume they are, somehow, interfering with human activity.


article continues at UFO Digest

While we are at it, you should download this incredible pair of clips of a UFO shot in France April 24th from two different locations by two people independent of each other. Then you should download the classic ‘UFOs are Real‘; the best UFO documentary ever made.

I recently had a short email exchange about this subject, and since I found the torrent of the high res south of France footage, its as good a time as any to post it:


***** ***** wrote:

I’m assuming you’ve seen this, but just to make sure…

Yes! I saw that – interesting how they have so many filess when they claim they have had and do not have any interest in the subject.

We watched UFOs are real. To be honest, it’s somewhat preaching to the converted in me and ***** (actually, we’ve never converted. We’ve always known), but it was nice to see some things I’d not really heard of. The strongest earth-originated fact was the letter from J. Edgar Hoover complaining that the navy had ‘snatched’ something.

And the army would not let them have it for cursory inspection! Its just amazing isn’t it? and the brain dead journalists and SETI dorks like Seth Shostack still insist that there is no evidence!

Its an astonishing documentary. The facts are laid out perfectly. The photos of the same object or different objects from the same manufacturer, taken at different times in different places just blows away any doubt you could harbor. There is so much in there, all logically presented, without any new-age garbage.

The part about the inventor of the transistor saying man would never land on the moon and the example of the difference between jets and sailing ships is also good; it makes it clear to even the dumbest that saying ‘impossible’ is really a dumb thing to do. This stuff is real, it is happening, it has been happening for generations, and there is nothing we can do about it.

It still confuses me a little though, that despite so many sightings there has still been no single event capable of convincing an extremely sceptical public. It needn’t be a landing in Trafalgar Square, but just enough and public enough to deflect accusations of hallucination/storytelling/madness/attention-seeking/whatever.

increasingly i think this is a good thing. I really have had enough of these ‘world changing events’, and this one would be the mother of them all!

I find it incredible that every substantial piece of evidence that could do so has been swept under the carpet (or Hoover’ed up!). Tis a shame. Have you found that this film has changed anyone’s mind? I doubt it has. People are conditioned not to believe this type of evidence, which is why An Undeniable Event is required.

It may be coming…


This and the guernsey sighting a few days ago, plus the O’Hare….its getting silly. And the media is no longer laughing off the stories, and is publishing them left right and centre. That, and the all pervasive cameras in the hands of punters, means we are heading towards this world changing event. Bad News.

This release of information certainly isn’t that event. I don’t expect to find any evidence lurking in the MoD files! And anyone who does must be loopy.

I’m not sure why they are even bothering. Actually, I DO know why; the French have done it, and so, not to be outdone, the Brits are having their ‘me too’ moment, to show that actually, they are not incompetent, they have been studying this also. India has been publishing some very bizarre stories detailing the science that has been gleaned from this area. It reads like….beyond science fiction.

Everyone knows that the best cases were not part of the Bluebook system, and with these MOD files, for certain the best evidence will not be in there.

At the end of the day, unless private people can get a hold of the technology and make use of it, I now take the position that we should keep it secret, so that we can continue with our lives as they are.

Can you IMAGINE what would happen if it ever became irrefutable? Everything would be turned upside down. We need MORE certainty, not LESS, and this event would bring more instability and uncertainty.

These people (and they really ARE people) can do things we can scarcely dream of. Once this secret is out, and out in detail, its ‘game over’.

No one seems to talk about another aspect of this that will totally change everything…. Culture.

These people have their own culture. It is certainly much older than ours. Inevitably, humans will start to adopt their culture and philosophy. It has happened every time a more advanced civilization meets an ‘inferior’ one; the inferior one looses its identity either partially or entirely.

Human culture will be contaminated beyond repair; in fact it has already happened by virtue of the sightings and the response of governments. Because knowledge of this is limited to a few people, the real impact has not happened, and the contamination is limited to science fiction, but once it is real, and these people hand over some books, thats it, its over.

Their political, philosophical and other ideas will spread like a California brushfire, wiping out our identity and culture. In a few hundred years there will not be a single human alive that is really human in its thinking. Every man woman and child will have adopted some part of alien culture into their mindset, and indeed, this is quite natural for us, since we like to learn things. Sadly, the things we have to learn from them will be so astonishing that they will supplant our ideas.

Think about it; a culture that can travel to other planets must have organization that works well. Everyone will want to apply those principles to their own lives and projects and interpersonal interactions. Politics, how we breed…everything will be transformed completely, and it doesn’t matter what form their ideas take; because they are ‘superior’, everyone will assume that their ways are better.

No. I think these people and their information need to be kept out of our loop, lest we become a Cargo Cult planet of slavering servants.

Take a look at the COMETA report, if you have not already done so:


The French have been taking this seriously for decades, for all the good it has done them.




And there you have it.

Nothing lasts forever, that is for sure, and Disclosure is coming, that is also a certainty. Will it be a good thing or a bad thing, that is the question. Today, I think it will be mostly if not all bad.

I could be wrong…

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