US Hegemony Spawns Russian-Chinese Military Alliance

August 9th, 2007

Paul Craig Roberts
Thursday Aug 9, 2007

This week the Russian and Chinese militaries are conducting a joint military exercise involving large numbers of troops and combat vehicles. The former Soviet Republics of Tajikistan, Kyrgkyzstan, and Kazakstan are participating. Other countries appear ready to join the military alliance.

This new potent military alliance is a real world response to neoconservative delusions about US hegemony. Neocons believe that the US is supreme in the world and can dictate its course. The neoconservative idiots have actually written papers, read by Russians and Chinese, about why the US must use its military superiority to assert hegemony over Russia and China.

Cynics believe that the neocons are just shills, like Bush and Cheney, for the military-security complex and are paid to restart the cold war for the sake of the profits of the armaments industry. But the fact is that the neocons actually believe their delusions about American hegemony.

Russia and China have now witnessed enough of the Bush administration’s unprovoked aggression in the world to take neocon intentions seriously. As the US has proven that it cannot occupy the Iraqi city of Baghdad despite 5 years of efforts, it most certainly cannot occupy Russia or China. That means the conflict toward which the neocons are driving will be a nuclear conflict.

In an attempt to gain the advantage in a nuclear conflict, the neocons are positioning US anti-ballistic missiles on Soviet borders in Poland and the Czech Republic. This is an idiotic provocation as the Russians can eliminate anti-ballistic missiles with cruise missiles. Neocons are people who desire war, but know nothing about it. Thus, the US failures in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Reagan and Gorbachev ended the cold war. However, US administrations after Reagan’s have broken the agreements and understandings. The US gratuitously brought NATO and anti-ballistic missiles to Russia’s borders. The Bush regime has initiated a propaganda war against the Russian government of V. Putin.

These are gratuitous acts of aggression. Both the Russian and Chinese governments are trying to devote resources to their economic development, not to their militaries. Yet, both are being forced by America’s aggressive posture to revamp their militaries.

Americans need to understand what the neocon Bush regime cannot: a nuclear exchange between the US, Russia, and China would establish the hegemony of the cockroach.

In a mere 6.5 years the Bush regime has destroyed the world’s good will toward the US. Today, America’s influence in the world is limited to its payments of tens of millions of dollars to bribed heads of foreign governments, such as Egypt’s and Pakistan’s. The Bush regime even thinks that as it has bought and paid for Musharraf, he will stand aside and permit Bush to make air strikes inside Pakistan. Is Bush blind to the danger that he will cause an Islamic revolution within Pakistan that will depose the US puppet and present the Middle East with an Islamic state armed with nuclear weapons?

Considering the instabilities and dangers that abound, the aggressive posture of the Bush regime goes far beyond recklessness. The Bush regime is the most irresponsibly aggressive regime the world has seen since Hitler’s.


Things haven’t been this scary since ‘The Cold War’ an the threat of Mutually Assured Destruction.

It really has gone totally bonkers; what is worse of all is that such a small number of insane ‘people’ are the cause of all of it, and in the face of the opposition of literally billions of people, they are managing to do bad things, and get away with it.

Some will call for a world government to reign in rogue nations like america, and to prevent rogue nations from springing up. Personally the hegemony of the cockroach is preferable to the hegemony of one world government under the control of the types that run the EU and the CFR.

The answer has to be Baudrillard Mass Inertia where the billions in opposition to this insanity simply say ‘no’ and absorb and deflect and disobey every bad piece of legislation and every bogus edict until government gets the message and returns, spontaneously, to one of consent and not compulsion.

The poison of american insanity is spreading to the EU where they are now planning to roll out a USVISIT style system (despite the fact that this system is without merit by all metrics) and is going to demand VISAS for ALL non EU countries, including the USA, in a tit for tat face slap to the pig ignorant us government for treating EU citizens like garbage. Sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander.

If Ron Paul becomes president, and the bookies are putting the odds of that taking place at an astonishing 15 to 1, then maybe we have a chance to stop all of this. I have said it over and over again; the only country that could reverse a downward spiral like is the usa, and lo and behold, many millions of americans are flocking to Ron Paul because they can feel their country slipping away from them, and sense that this man is someone who can be trusted. Finally.

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