A Terrorist Spilled Cola on Me

March 10th, 2006


Posted By: Rayelan
Date: Sunday, 15 January 2006, 6:12 p.m.

The reclassification of terrorism is spreading across this country. A bill just BARELY defeated in Oregon would have made you a terrorist if you download music, block traffic or write a bad check. Want to know what the punishment would have been? Read on…

This Madness Is Spreading Nationwide!!

Excerpts from a recent interview of
Dr Walter Belford
by PT Shamrock

DWB – For instance Senate bill 742 in Oregon, which was narrowly defeated by just three votes, would have classified terrorism as a plethora of completely unrelated actions.

Downloading music, blocking traffic, writing a bad cheque or any form of protest, none of which has anything to do with terrorism. All these ‘offences’would be punishable by life in prison unless you agreed to attend a “forest labour camp” for 25 years of enforced labour.

I understand that a made over version of Senate bill 742 will be reintroduced in late 2006 with another name and with some minor adjustments and will probably pass the second time around. Then it will naturally, spread nationwide.

Not even Communist China or Stalinist North Korea put people in labour camps for writing a bad cheque, but this was nearly implemented in the ‘land of the free’. Debtor’s prisons were supposed to have been banned more than 150 years ago! Explain to me what does writing a cheque with insufficient funds have to do with fighting terrorism? Nothing I tell you, absolutely nothing!

Understand and know that this was an actual bill and there are similar ones around the nation that are also being drawn up by your so-called representatives in government.

DWB – If you think Oregon is bad, try Wisconsin! Wisconsin is crazy about control. It takes fingerprints when a police officer pulls you over for a broken taillight. And blood specimens if they suspect you are intoxicated or on drugs. Wisconsin has the honour of sponsoring the Super National ID legislation which will also be a Pan American Union Card, i.e. an international ID as the US merges with Canada and Mexico.

PTS – What else is Wisconsin infamous for?

DWB – A man was sent to prison for five years for “paper terrorism.” He sent too many papers in a complaint he had with the government.

DWB continues – In Rhode Island, governors proposed a bill that would have outlawed criticism of the government, defining it as anarchy under World War One era rhetoric.

In the UK there is a very active advert campaign presently that encourages anyone to report “any suspicious” behavior from their neighbors, etc. to the authorities. What “suspicious” means is left entirely up to the person who would report someone. So if you had a neighbor that was angry with you for any real or imagined reason, you’d be reported and your name will remain on numerous government databases forever! Your name will never be deleted from those government databases.

Couldn’t find the “real” article and don’t really have time to find all the dates/actual instances of all the mentioned things in this article, but it really is quite ridiculous… I wonder if one day not paying a parking meter will land me in a forced labour camp (because, after all, parking fees are all about private property, which is the most important thing of all…).

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