More ‘pat on the head’ tech writing at BBQ

March 10th, 2006

A BBQ misleader says:

Media are becoming democratised, and a global conversation is emerging.

Note how the word ‘democracy’ is used in this context; as a force for good, shifting power from the center to the masses.

This is of course, totally wrong.

Media are becoming Anarchized. Democracy is second tier to very epitome of centralized power, the dictatorship; what is happening on the web is that anyone can do whatever they like, without any group consensus or control. That is Anarchy, not Democracy, and it’s a good thing.

There is no ‘global conversation’ this is just new labour doubletalk.

The democratisation of media is also, fundamentally, about the people we once called mere consumers. Their role is evolving from a passive one to something much more interactive, but they are blessed (or cursed, depending on one’s viewpoint) with an unprecedented variety of voices and services.

How can a thing that brings you every possible point of view be a bad thing? If you are a paternalist with access to BBQ as a platform it is a VERY bad thing, because your voice is diminished, and your words ridiculed as everyone can see that the emperor has no clothes, just as I am doing right now. Note how he says that consumers ‘role’ is evolving from passive to interactive, and not active. Interactive means consuming BBQI. It means consuming full stop. Blogging, using Google News..its all about being active. Interactive means passive. And of course, that is what these patricians want; passive consumption in another arena.

The democratisation of media creation, distribution and access does not necessarily foretell that traditional media are dinosaurs of a new variety. If we are fortunate, we’ll end up with a more diverse media ecosystem in which many forms – including the traditional organisations – can thrive.

Why would be fortunate for us? It would be fortunate for YOU because you will keep your artificially created position. It would be bad for everyone else, because we would be compelled to continue consumption of the lies spread by BBQ, as this country is turned into a mini Soviet Union, and embarks on another insane war.

For my part, the most exciting aspect of this change is in the emerging conversation.

‘For your part’ means, “please adopt my catchphrase”. No Sale.

Ill leave it to you to read the rest of it; it is contradictory to say the least. Each example he gives in a list of the “…most important tools in today’s evolving media sphere.” – blogs, wikis, podcasts, web mashups – are all things in which people are being active and not passive. People are being active by creating these resources and they are being active by turning away from BBQ as their sole source of information. Note also how he calls this the ‘evolving media sphere’ making a connection with what he is involved with ‘the media’ and what he is being superceeded by, the blogosphere, the web and software developers. 

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