Message for the young of america

January 30th, 2008

18-29 7%
30-34 18%
45-59 31%
60+ 44%

Young people of america, those numbers should frighten you.

They are the demographic of the people who voted John McCain to victory in Florida.

They are the generation that squeezed the sweet juice out of the orange that was america, and that wants to leave you with the empty orange peel to smell as your legacy. You will not even have the seeds to plant new trees for yourselves. They had america at its best, at its most free. They used it up, squeezed it dry and now that its all over, they want you to clean up the mess for the rest of your lives.

Indeed, they want you to give up your very life. That is how little they think of you.

These are the people who are voting for a man that wants to draft you into the army; 25% of the people voting in florida will be eligible for military service under new legislation, and John McCain has guaranteed you that there will be more wars, and that america will be in Iraq for up to 100 years.

That means you and your children will be paying with your blood.

You will also be paying with your labor. There is no money for you in the social security program as it stands, and the old people of today, the 45% of voters in Florida want someone in charge who is going to ‘take care of the seniors’. What this means is that you are going to be enslaved in a system that uses all of your work to finance social security and the endless wars that have guaranteed to come by all the candidates save one.

This is not fear-mongering, but common knowledge, being shouted from the rooftops by people who normally stay in the background. The crisis is real, and there are only two ways out for you; Revolution or retreat.

You can stay put, pay as you have been paying and run headlong into disaster and senseless death with all the other people who are not awake, or you can foment revolution and stop the insanity from taking place. There is a deadline that once passed, means that there is nothing left for you to try, as the end has come. That deadline falls after November 2008.

I say to you, that if you have any sense at all, you should resolve right now that you will not provide any money for this insanity, no matter what the outcome. You must refuse to pay into or cooperate with an insane system that is heading towards disaster. It’s every man for himself, and all of us together. Run as fast as you can after November if the result is not Ron Paul as president. It is clear that Geriatric America is going to weigh down on you like nothing we have ever seen before, as they drink your blood and steal your money from you while they sit down in a geriatric fog, doing nothing other than commanding you by proxy.

These words may sound harsh, but they are less shrill than the sound of bombs dropping or ricochet bouncing around you tens of thousands of miles away from home.

There is a way to take care of everyone and stop the insane wars and unburden the young. This is not about disenfranchising people, or euthanasia, disrespect for the elderly or being cruel in any way. The old are a treasure in many ways and they are horribly treated, especially in america. This may go some way to explaining why they vote the way they do; they are shunted off into homes like discarded chairs and abandoned – its no wonder they vote for people who promise to look after them. Perhaps if american families were more like Italian and Indian families, i.e. large and cohesive not prone to abandon their parents. there would be less of a problem of abandoned old people. But I digress. If you thought any of that whilst reading the above, you can count yourself as one of the sleeping.

The future is uncertain, and unwritten. The fact that we have any hope at all in a time like this shows that the human spirit is not yet totally demolished by this unimaginable evil that has been unleashed in the world. We can still win. But we also have to understand the dynamics of what is happening, and should all the heroic efforts fail, fighting against the geriatric tyranny will be as useless as trying to use a soup spoon to bail out water from a burst Hoover Dam.

This is the reality; everyone has been warned about what is going to happen next; financial ruin and horrific wars on behalf of bankers and ‘elites’. Do you want to be a willing part of it by staying put and paying for it all to take place as if it is perfectly reasonable?

Make your plans for escape and final resistance now. Whatever shape they may take, you cannot reasonably be expected to go along with this madness. Other generations had their own war to resist, like VietNam, and in the end, the changes that particular generation desired did not come about. You cannot possibly want this to be your fate also; having seen the passion, the eloquence and the real sacrifices made by those people in the 1960s, our goal should be to succeed completely in the arena that they failed in. Our challenges are greater than theirs – they fought against a single war; we are fighting against a future of wars AND financial oblivion AND the elimination of the United States itself.

The bigger they come, the harder they fall.

The stakes are so high that failure is not an option. We must win either by solving the problem completely or escaping completely. There is no half measure, no compromise or work-around that will suffice. We have reached a point of physical impossibility, like trying to push a marble faster than the speed of light in normal space. We are at a point beyond which it is impossible to go without breaking all the laws of morality and nature.

If you do not take a stand and make a move, your very existence guarantees the horrors that are promised to you as your legacy. Every time you shop, every hour you work, every morsel you eat will prop up this monstrous system they are building.

We are all very lucky. We have recent history to guide us, a hero to lead us out of the crisis, the means to communicate at zero cost, and all the tools to make it happen. No other generation had this much power at their fingertips. If we blow it, or if it doesn’t work, or if something happens to stop us, it is unlikely that a better time will come around; certainly once the wars start, the country is dismantled and the money is gone we will not be starting at anywhere near such a good initial position – as bad as everything is today. It will be harder by orders of magnitude to fix everything if we miss this window, and certainly the once in 200 years personality will not be there to lead the cause, barring a miracle. Perhaps that is what it will take; a miracle in the face of an impossible scenario.

This really feels like the last chance, the last gasp. Looking at the candidates, their diseased ideologies and false posturing are a glimpse into the nightmare we will enter should we accept their governance in the event of a disastrous outcome.

I am not putting up with it, I can tell you that.

You should not tolerate it either.

Everyone will choose what they are going to do either way; what no one will be able to say is that they did not know, or that they were not warned, or that they were not given the opportunity to rectify the situation.

Back to work.

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