ContactPoint: Online Catalogue for Rapists

April 16th, 2008

A RUTHLESS rapist found victims by getting a job as a care worker and trawling a council’s database for vulnerable young girls.

Simeon Kellman, 43, used computer records to identify teenagers who had just come out of the foster care system.

Then he forced his way into their homes and attacked them. Kellman has just been jailed for eight years for the vicious rape of an 18-year-old, who was blindfolded and bound.

But police fear he preyed on up to 20 girls. And yesterday they urged other victims to come forward.

Father-of-two Kellman began his vile campaign after landing a care worker job with Greenwich Council in South East London. Cops say he made a “substantial” number of computer searches on profiles of former foster children.

A police source said: “<b>He must have been like a kid in a sweet shop</b>”.

“The lack of security at the council was breathtaking. Kellman was able to log on and cherry-pick kids coming out of the care system.

“He got their new home addresses and went round pretending to be a friend, then attacked them.”

Woolwich Crown Court heard last week how Kellman bundled the 18-year-old into a cupboard after he raped her at her flat.

He told her: “Don’t tell anyone or I’ll come back and you will be in trouble.”

He cunningly changed his clothes between arriving and leaving to make CCTV identification difficult.

The hysterical girl eventually freed herself and alerted her ex-foster mum.

Any other victims or anyone with information should call the police’s Sapphire unit on 020 8284 9818.

The Sun

And so, does anyone think that ContactPoint will be any different from this ‘Council’s Database’?

Is there anyone left in the UK who is THAT STUPID (who is not in Neu Labour).

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