The Laughing Policeman

March 14th, 2006

Critics claim ministers are breaking an election promise that the ID scheme would be voluntary by insisting that anyone who renews a passport will also have to get an ID card and be entered on the national register.

But Mr Clarke rejected this charge last night to laughter and jeers of derision from the opposition.

“Passports are voluntary documents,” he insisted.No one is forced to renew a passport if they choose not to do so.”

Invertebrates refuse backbones.

So, from this final statement by Dumbo, I infer that there must be no legal requirement for me to have a passport in order to leave this country and return. Otherwise, once again, HMG are stating that I will be under confinement within the UK mainland unless I comply with their ‘voluntary’ ID card scheme.

A quick search on the UK Passport Service site reveals no page detailing any legal requirement for holding a passport in order to leave the country. Hmmm… I wonder. Don’t you?

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  1. irdial Says:

    I wonder if anyone has actually tested this, also, no airline will let you onboard without a passport, because when they land, they are subject to huge fines for transporring people without the right documents.

    Can you imagine a bearded muslim brown skinned British man trying to leave the UK without a passport? Even in his own private plane?

    Heh “his own private plane” – I actually WROTE THAT!!!!

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