The Guantlet has been thrown at your feet…

March 29th, 2006

So now there is no choice. You must take a stand. Will you continue to be a free man, or submit to being a numbered citizen?

ID card deadlock comes to an end

A sample ID card

Labour’s manifesto promised ID cards would be voluntary

The battle over the government’s controversial ID Cards Bill has ended after peers accepted a compromise deal.Under the compromise, anyone who renews a passport will have their details put on a national ID database – but will not have to get a card until 2010.


“The amendment preserves the integrity of the National Identity Register by ensuring that everyone who applies for, or renews a passport or other designated document has their biometric information and other identity details placed on the register,” he [Burn’em] said.

“However, it also goes towards meeting the concerns of those who have argued that the card itself should not be compulsory at this stage by allowing those who apply for or renew their passport before 1 January 2010 to ‘opt out’ of being issued the ID card itself, even though their identity details will be entered on to the register.”


Do you see yet? The Lords, for all their worthy bluster, cannot prevent ID cards when the government agrees to abide by the exact wording of their manifesto. A card will not be compulsory, but you will still be tagged.

You know what to do. You have been told.

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  1. irdial Says:

    And of course, its disengenuous, because the card is only the symptom, and not the disease itself.

    When the police ask you to give them your thumb for their mobile scanner, if you have entered the NIR with a new passport, you will be identified.

    Of course, all those who refuse to register will be caught if they do not turn up as being on the register, and can be arressted on the spot.

    This is pure evil, of the most insidious kind. Alun is right of course, you now have to choose wether or not you will be a part of the problem or a part of the solution, because if no one registers for this insane scheme they will have to abandon it. Now we have to publish instructions on how to live without a renewed passport, how to resist being entered onto the register etc etc.

    Bliar Burnham, Clarke and all of the Murder gang will burn in hell not only for the mass murder they orchestrated, but they will also burn again for destroying one of the greatest countries man ever made. Who would have thought that it would come to this? Our beloved Britian turned into a total police state inside one generation. This place, open minded, fair minded, with more intelligent people than your average western democracy, full of vigour, resistant to facism and extremism, brought down by a lawer.

    It isn’t over till it’s over obviously, but still this is a very sad day – a bad time where bad people make the rules while the once noble British public stays sound asleep.

    ID cards will profoundly change the character of this country, even more than it has been changed by the CCTV paranoia, terrorism hysteria and culture of pathological lying and doublespeak. What a legacy; Tony Bliar ruined Iraq, and not content with that, is set to ruin the UK. Not even a dog shits where he sleeps.

    No one can say to me however, that I didn’t do my part to stop it. Those that know what I am talking about, know how true this is and can testify to that fact.

    To reiterate; I and my family are not signing up for this NIR. Tony Bliar and murder inc can go straight to hell, and burn there for all eternity.

  2. chriszanf Says:

    I dont think any of my friends are convinced by any argument that Bliar and co lay down for this. They are already p**d off by how much in stealth taxes they are paying under this regime already.

    A classic quote from the ‘opposition’ (opposition to what exactly?

    “But shadow home secretary David Davis called the deal “a major climb-down by the government”.

    He said it meant “nobody who does not want an ID card need have one before the next election – and that in itself is worth having” – but he added a Conservative government would still repeal the legislation. “

    If they would still repeal the legislation, then why did they allow it to go through in the first place? This is a cynical attempt to try and align themselves with the public for the next election but I dont think there is any doubt that another 5 years of conservative rule would change anything about this legislation.

    It has been repeatedly demonstrated that the only currency that establishment understand is public revolt and they know it’s coming.

  3. Barrie Says:

    Devastating news.
    You can bet your boots this will not fly in Northern England, at least judging by what my family there says, people in general absolutely do not support this kind of draconian legislation.
    Let’s hope (and do) for the best that Bliar does not leave England a smouldering wreckage. Horrible. How could such a small group of people ruin things so badly?

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