Beard Moustache White Trainers

March 21st, 2006

This is disgusting. I too have a beard, moustache and wear white trainers. My hair was quite a bit longer up until a month or so ago. But I’ve haven’t been stopped recently. Is it because I have white skin and blue eyes?

The irony is that this guy is working on a site for the Home Office that deals directly with this. I wonder how he can go on working on it with a clear conscience after this has happened to him.

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  1. irdial Says:

    Look at the tone of that post. This man, who was violated simply because he was brown, is not even angry. Anyone with self respect should at the very least get angry when they are abused, instead, he simply rolls over, shrugs his shoulders and goes to work on a government website.

    If we are to rely on people like this to stand shoulder to shoulder with us for our rights, we are in SERIOUS trouble. This is a man who can make websites, and all he is doing with his skills is selling them, instead of using them to promote our collective welfare.

    Look at the viral section of his site, if you can even find it under that beautiful but absurd menu. Nothing about action to fix anything, just life as a passive observer. I find it completely vile.

    If people like him were the majority, the suss laws would never have been abolished. The South African Apartheid pass laws and Apartheid itself would never have been destroyed. You cannot be a passive observer in times like this…at any time. You should devote an amount of your time and skill to keeping the pigs, murderers and animals out of your yard. If you dont, then please dont complain that you have been stopped because you are asian; you have actually been stopped because you and all your buddies refuse to get together and do something about it.

    And please dont whine like a little baby about ‘im only one person’, ‘there is nothing that i as an individual can do’, ‘YOU tell ME what to do’ etc etc. You should not ask to be spoonfed, and if you think you should be spoonfed, then you deserve to be treated just like you were treated; shut up and stop bothering us with your noise.

  2. irdial Says:

    And furthermore, this looser didnt even post a picture of his copy of the pink form, which I have never seen, did not take the names and badge numbers of the police that stopped him, and did not publish them. In other words, he is doing absolutely NOTHING to help anyone, and he is just whining.

    Imagine a website that collected the names and badge numbers of all the policemen who stop people, along with the circumstances. It would then be trivial to create a concumating style chart of the most stopping cops, most lame excuses, most harrassed types of people etc etc. This man has the skill to pull it off, it would become an overnight sensation, and a useful tool against this utter nonsense, but instead, works for the enemy, WELL DONE!

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