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February 15th, 2009

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Since education and training are instruments in the hands of society, they should be used to develop the sort of society we want.

Who is ‘we’, and what sort of society do they want? Education is not – should not be – an ‘instrument in the hands of society’


Promoting the role of stakeholders in the development of training, including initial training, and learning at the workplace.

It’s a different language to that of home education, isn’t it? It sees education as a means to a financial and political end of their choosing. It has nothing whatsoever to do with what our children might want to learn. Following onto this document, part of the plan was to “bring about a substantial increase in per capita investment in human resources every year.” Human resources. We are not people: we are ‘capital’ and ‘resources’. It’s a wonder they don’t refer to us as cattle, though I suppose we should feel lucky they’re not calling us ‘waste’.

from the Sometimes it’s Peaceful blog.

Oooohh! this is the sort of blog we like. You can tell from the writing of this author that her children will not be mindless drones when they grow up.

The perfect storm is coming. Total economic meltdown, 100% universal dissatisfaction with democracy and its corrupt, warmongering, stealing institutions…the end result?


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