Final proof: Home Education is to be BANNED

September 23rd, 2009

We have been saying for quite some time now that the government wants to outlaw Home Education in the UK. They keep saying that they want to ‘strengthen Home Education’ and that they ‘respect the rights of parents to Home Educate’. When they say this they ARE LYING.

News has just reached us that the DCSF is planning yet another consultation to define what ‘full-time education’ is.

It is clear that the long term plan is to get everyone registered, and then once that happens, erode the rights of parents who Home Educate until there is nothing left.

These people are the lowest form of human garbage imaginable.

They care nothing for

  • Your rights.
  • Your children.
  • Your children’s education
  • Your children’s well-being.

And really they should not care because it is not their place to care for your children.

Those subhuman, habitually lying, paedophile enabling monsters are your sworn enemy and the enemy of your children. They cannot be trusted in any way shape or form, and they will keep wearing away at your resolve until you either give in, or your children are too old for them to capture and damage, whereupon they will be after your grandchildren.

The biggest miscalculation they have mad is this; they mistake Home Educators with people who give a damn about what they think.

In the final analysis, Home Educators can either leave the country, or point blank refuse to obey them or acknowledge that these monsters exist. In the latter case, I assure you that there are not enough of them to control every Home Educator in the country. They rely on the precedent of your previous obedience as a guide to what they can get away with; what they do not understand is that a fundamental line has been crossed, and the new behavior that is about to be exhibited bears no relation whatsoever to what has been seen before.

Already the backlash against the Badman review is a without precedent event, causing them to frantically circle the wagons; the non compliance that we can expect to see should new legislation regarding Home Education be tabled and passed will also be without precedent.

In the end, Home Education is going to become the norm in the UK just as it is in the USA. There is absolutely no reason why anyone should have to wait fifteen years for the government to catch up with what is happening in the world (this is how long it took them to get to grips with the internets) and the UK is always around twenty years behind the good things happening in the USA.

There should be no more consultations or legislation on the matter of Home Education. Period. It is entirely wrong that a group of people should face what is clearly vindictive persecution. This persecution is driven by pure discrimination, racism, pig ignorance and control freakery, and the people behind it are a bunch of inhuman animals, hell bent on bringing their destructive ideas right into your home.

They have already all but destroyed schools in the UK and created an army of illiterate and innumerate people; quite how they think they are going to ‘strengthen’ Home Education is beyond me… but of course, they are LYING when they say that they want to strengthen Home Education; whatever they say you can substitute the polar opposite meaning to divine the truth of what they really mean. They want to DESTROY Home Education, Home Educators, Children and Families. They are ANTI FAMILY, ANTI EDUCATION and ANTI CHILD WELFARE.

These are the same people whose handiwork is catalogued in a series of disturbing articles in the Daily mail:

Look at some cherry picked lines from the above:

  • More than one in five of the 230,000 full-time students entering university drop out. These are mainly working-class students.
  • And almost 250,000 schoolchildren – a staggering 40 per cent – start GCSE studies without the ability in reading, writing and maths to cope with their courses.
  • Last year, classroom disruption was running at record levels, with schools sending home 2,200 children every day.
  • Despite the Government’s Literacy Hour and a massive increase in spending on schools, a third of all 14-year-olds have a reading age of 11 or below. One in five has a reading age of nine.
  • Many teachers, they noted, had stopped correcting children’s grammar, spelling and speech at all, for fear of discouraging them.

If the numbers that are being bandied about are true, there are around 100,000 Home Educating families in the UK. These families are producing literate, numerate, socialized children that are the polar opposite of the million plus failing students in the state school system.

What is incomprehensible to any sensible person is how the DCSF can justify wasting its time and the money of the taxpaer on trying to control Home Educators, when they have a crisis on their hands in the shape of the schools they are already in absolute control of.

It is clear that they have an emergency situation with the mass illiterate and innumerate students their schools are producing; but instead of pouring all their resources into trying to rectify that situation, they are going after the people who are running from their systemic failure to protect their children from the educational and physical harm that the state schools are promoting as healthy and normal.

There is absolutely no excuse for it. These idiots should not have a single word to say about Home Education as long as people are leaving their schools illiterate and innumerate. They should be ashamed of the schools they are running, not trying to force everyone into them, and this is quite apart from the moral aspect of the state trying to act as parent in the first place.

The Tories are going to win a landslide victory. What the DCSF will look like under them is anyone’s guess, but one thing is for sure; if the Tories win and ContactPoint, the NIR and the ID Card are scrapped, the job of tracking down and policing Home Educators will be much harder, should that even be government policy. Once again, the government does not have the money to do any of this nonsense; in fact, it is going to cut two billion from the budget for the schools that it already cannot run, and which are creating so much societal havoc.

Those schools, which are already running on empty, are going to find it even more difficult to do their jobs, which they are already failing to do. More parents are going to become disenchanted and turn to Home Education. The coming financial crisis might be the cause of a doubling of the number of Home Educators in the UK, and that would be a most excellent thing, because the more Home Educators there are, the less able the state will be to control them… should a Tory government be STUPID ENOUGH to desire such an undesirable thing.

In the final analysis, you must realize that whatever anyone at the DCSF says, no matter what laws the commons passes, there is no one that can force you to obey anything. Anyone that wants to enslave you or destroy your family is illegitimate, and any law that eliminates your right to Home Educate as you see fit is illegitimate on its face (just as the Apartheid, miscegenation and slavery laws were all illegitimate). You are under no obligation to obey any such law or regulation, including any law that says you must register; this is exactly what the Apartheid regime did in South Africa; forced people of a certain type to register simply because they were ‘different’. This is the true nature of what the DCSF is up to; they are no different to the government that was ‘the skunk of the world‘.

We can only hope that the Tories are less evil or more busy with the coming economic disaster. If not, there is going to be a very tiresome, expensive, long and drawn out battle that no one wants to fight, which will achieve nothing but evil and pain, and which will in no way stop the march of Home Education, just as the people of South Africa could not be stopped. Eventually the South African people got a less evil government, the Apartheid regime was wiped off the face of the earth and not a shot was fired. The same will happen with Home Education; the ridiculous, stupid, pea brained, imaginaionless apparatchiks behind this WILL BE DISCREDITED AND DEFEATED and they WILL be made into a laughing stock and a footnote in history. People will look back on them and think, “How was it that those people who worked at the DCSF were so very ignorant and stupid? Where did they FIND them all?”. That is what people say about the racist government that is no more… how did it last so long? etc etc.

Lastly, everyone in every country needs to consider this question; when is there going to be enough legislation?

Are the legislators going to sit there until the end of time, racking up more and more controls until there is literally nothing that anyone can do that is not controlled by them? What sort of world would it be where EVERYTHING that you can do is licensed in some way?

If you do not think that such a world can come into being, then you are delusional. Already, in countries like China, the state dictates how many children you can have, and there are people in the UK who think that this is not only, OK but that similar laws should be enacted here. And we all know about how the state wants to control your light bulbs, your garbage and everything else that you do in ‘your’ own home.

Clearly there is something fundamentally wrong with the idea that a legislature can sit ad infinitum creating new law year after year, for no other reason than the fact that they sit there to perform that function. There MUST be a limit on the number of laws that can be on the statute books at any one time, and even judges are now saying that there are too many laws.

The americans are, once again, way ahead with all of this. They are incandescent with rage over the engorgement of ‘their’ government, and are sharpening their pitchforks to get rid of the monsters once and for all. It looks like that is going to be the first western country that is going to be forced to retreat at full steam, by hook or by crook. The americans have had it up to here with the proliferation of laws and regulations, and they are going to do something about it. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the people behind the second american revolution are small in number; they just pulled off the biggest ever march on Washinton.

One way or another, all of this is going to end. The question is not ‘if’ but ‘how’ and ‘when’.

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