The State comes after Wikileaks

March 24th, 2010

The owners of Wikileaks are under pressure from both the Icelandic State and The Great Satan:

  • WikiLeaks to reveal Pentagon murder-coverup at US National Press Club, Apr 5, 9am; contact
  • WikiLeaks is currently under an aggressive US and Icelandic surveillance operation. Following/photographing/filming/detaining
  • If anything happens to us, you know why: it is our Apr 5 film. And you know who is responsible.
  • Two under State Dep diplomatic cover followed our editor from Iceland to on Thursday.
  • One related person was detained for 22 hours. Computer’s seized.That’s
  • We know our possession of the decrypted airstrike video is now being discussed at the highest levels of US command.
  • We have been shown secret photos of our production meetings and been asked specific questions during detention related to the airstrike.
  • We have airline records of the State Dep/CIA tails. Don’t think you can get away with it. You cannot. This is WikiLeaks.

Those tweets demonstrate that WikiLeaks is considered a real threat, and that the state is going to do anything they can to shut them down; at the very least, they will use the same amount of pressure they put on Cryptome and its owner. They might go further. Who knows?

What we can say for sure is that the people who run WikiLeaks, after they have changed their trousers, need to very seriously consider what they are doing and what they are promoting.

On the one hand they are promoting IMMI which translates to, “we support the violent state” and then on the other hand, they shout “DO NOT WANT” when that very same state comes after them.

You cannot have it both ways.

You cannot be FOR the state when it is doing something that you agree with and then be AGAINST the state when it is doing something that you do not like.

It is 100% guaranteed that whoever is harassing Wikileaks from the Icelandic government believes absolutely that they are justified in doing what they are doing, as odd as it may seem to decent people. This is the problem; the state is a monster on a leash that obeys whoever the owner of the leash is. Wikileaks promoting IMMI control the leash for what they like, against the wishes of and at the expense of other people, and the people following them use that same monster on a leash to trouble them. The only way to be free of it is to KILL THE BEAST and BURN THE LEASH.

Icelanders and in this case Wikileaks need to understand that the state itself is their problem. They need to reject it, reorganise to exist without it, and do it NOW while the beast is wounded.

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