Lying Labour is lying as if nothing has changed

May 26th, 2010

Take a look at this; Labour’s Pat McFaddon talks about the coming public sector cuts, as if they can be avoided by raping the private taxpayer for more money to prop up the public sector, or international investors to pump money into the UK bottomless pit.

Recorded from Sky News, 25 May 2010:

The bit we are interested in is the point at 2:30 where he says:

I haven’t met many constituents complaining about CCTV, but I’ve met plenty who want more cameras in their streets, to stop the kind of thugs who destroy the quality of life in local areas. So I’m not sure if cutting back on CCTV and cutting back on law and order in hard pressed communities is going to go down well with people.

Now look at Labour’s Caroline Flint and Conservative Malcolm Rifkind talk about the coming Queen’s Speech.

Recorded from BBC Breakfast, 25 May 2010.

At 2:00 Lucas repeats the exact same line on CCTV as McFaddon:

Well, um, I have to say I think the ‘Freedoms Bill’ as it’s been called I think raises alot of worrying issues; thinks like the DNA database, which we know is responsible for catching something like 800 rapists and murderers each year, the fact that CCTV cameras… I have to say that as a constituency MP I don’t have anybody coming to me saying we don’t want cameras they are usually saying we want more cameras in order to tackle anti social behaviour and crime in our communities. And thats something that I will be watching out for very very closely because actually I think thats almost taking away freedoms from people to live a safe life.

Oh dear. Its not surprising that they are speaking from the same talking points. What is surprising is that it seems like Labour, having just lost an election, and who are claiming that they failed because they did not listen to people, are STILL taking the Police State Kool-Aid and regurgitating it from a central command centre whose job it is to spread disinformation through the mainstream news.

These horrible, delusional, irrational, monstrous people, even after a defeat cannot come to terms with reality, are still up to the same lying fudging, spinning garbage with the taste of defeat fresh in their mouths.

They really are the most terrible people you could conjure up in your imagination… only WORSE.

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