ID Card volunteers become non persons

May 27th, 2010

The scrapping (or non scrapping, depending on wether you have brown skin or not) of the ID Card and NIR throws up a very interesting side effect for all the suckers who volunteered for one:

Coalition scraps Labour’s £5billion ID card scheme

The £5billion national identity card scheme will be scrapped within 100 days, it was announced today.

Abolishing the cards and associated register will be the first piece of legislation introduced to Parliament by the new Government.

Home Secretary Theresa May said the Identity Documents Bill, published today, will invalidate all existing cards.

My emphasis…..INVALIDATE!

Card holders, who paid £30, will no longer be able to use them to prove their identity or travel within Europe.

This is what we have been warning about all along; the state will be able to make you into a non person by simply turning off and invalidating your card.

You would no longer be able to travel, withdraw your own money from your own account at a bank with whom you have a contract, buy alcohol or prescription drugs and do anything that requires presenting the card.

This is of course, completely ridiculous.

How is it, by the stroke of a pen, that the people correctly identified in these cards should no longer be able to use them? Has this legislation suddenly invalidated the vetting process that tied the card to the holder? If the cards were issued correctly, and the holder is the person depicted on the card, then there is no reason whatsoever that the people who bought them should not be able to use them as a ‘proof of identity’.

The government never said that they would guarantee or vouch for the identity of people holding the cards, and in reality that is the only thing that they should be able to withdraw.

These people really are completely INSANE. Just because a piece of paper or plastic has expired that does not mean that the person presenting it is ‘invalid’ or not the person represented on the document. The hypnotic spell that these documents have over people’s perception of reality really must be BROKEN once and for all!

The role of the Identity Commissioner, created in an effort to prevent data blunders and leaks, will be terminated.

Good. No human being on earth could prevent data blunders or leaks. We have been saying this for years. And so has the twisted evil gargoyle Gordon Brown of all people.

The Government claimed the move will save £86million over four years and avoid £800million in costs that would have been covered by fees.

And it will save the dignity of all non brown people going forward, until the case can be made again, once the absurd situation of ID Cards for foreigners is made plain.

Mrs May said the Government intends to have the Bill passed and enacted before the August Parliamentary recess.

so there is time to amend it and remove the requirement for wogs to carry it.

She said: ‘This Bill is the first step of many that this Government is taking to reduce the control of the State over decent, law-abiding people and hand power back to them.

As long as you are not brown!

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said: ‘The wasteful, bureaucratic and intrusive ID card system represents everything that has been wrong with government in recent years.’


The Prime Minister’s official spokesman confirmed there would be no compensation for people who have already paid for ID cards in pilot schemes.

Like this fat repulsive brainless sucker.

Note how the article says it blacked out his details. If the ID Card is there to ‘protect his identity’ why are they afraid to publish a complete image of it? Every time he shows that card for whatever reason and a copy is taken of it, potentially thousands of people will be able to read the details, and yet, this man loves his ID Card, and the ‘journalist’ who wrote the piece cannot perceive the irony… This is what we are up against. TOTALLY RETARDED SUBHUMANS ON EVERY SIDE!

Speaking at the Home Office, she added that the move was a ‘symbolic moment’ to redress the balance between civil liberties and national security.

This symbolic moment has been tainted by the inherently racist and irrational retention of the scheme for ‘foreigners’ (brown people), and that is a real shame.

Mrs May said the Bill was a ‘first step’ and accused New Labour of ‘trampling over ancient liberties’ while failing to ensure the safety of the public.

True enough.

‘By taking swift action to scrap it, we are making it clear that this Government won’t sacrifice people’s liberty for the sake of ministers’ pet projects.


O-RLY? Well lets see how far you take that.

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