Persuading the violent that they are violent

December 20th, 2010

Its very difficult to persuade people that they are supporters of violence by being in favour of Democracy. The brainwashing that they have been subjected to for the entirety of their lives presents an almost impenetrable barrier of disbelief and pavlovian disdain that even the sharpest scalpel cannot cut.

As soon as you tell these poor deluded fools (and calling people ‘poor deluded fools’ does not, of course, help), that they are violent people, they recoil like slugs that have been sprinkled with salt; no one wants to think of themselves as a violent type, and yet, that is exactly what people who are for Democracy are; violent human beings.

Decent people with intact moral centres and sound ethics are not violent and are against initiating violence. They would never dream of using violence to get what they want from other people, or to make them behave in a certain way, or to refrain from behaviours; the very idea is repugnant to them. This is how it should be.

Sadly, there is a huge sea of people who have been brainwashed into thinking that the state is not only necessary, but that it is an inherently good thing, it is not violent and that the democratic process justifies anything that the state cooks up, no matter what it is.

This is why you can find people who believe that the state has the ‘right’ to ban or regulate Home Education, or to kidnap children from families because ‘the children’ are ‘too fat’.

Even people who are intelligent have fallen for this evil, to the extent that they believe that the State, and its violence is noble.

I have some bad news for these people.

The idea that the State is inevitable is false, and every day, people are waking up to this fact.

Seemingly out of the blue, comes this clip:

as you can see, it beautifully, and gently demonstrates to anyone with a single brain cell how the state is violent and immoral, and how it doesn’t matter how many people vote for it, it is still violent and immoral.

A critical mass of understanding is on the way, and this video is evidence of it When we reach the tipping point, there will be a majority of people who do not accept the States’ alleged, self proclaimed ‘right’ to steal money and murder.

The coming economic collapse, the discrediting of the state through Wikileaks and every other thing that is just around the corner will push people towards Libertarianism and the true idea that people do not need a state to live in peace and prosperity.

Already in the UK, there is open talk of the illegitimacy of the State, and clips like this and the ones that will surely follow will help guide and solidify people’s thinking.

Any attempt to shut down the free internet will only make things worse for the State. Their best option now, if they want to survive in any shape or form, is to adapt. Already in the UK, some councils are thinking about going semi voluntary; slashing their ‘council tax bills‘, reducing the number of ‘services’ they have a monopoly on providing, leaving the rest to private companies. This would be a good move; garbage collection should not be done by the state at all for example.

If they fail to switch to pure voluntarism, essentially becoming charities without any pretence that they have the right to demand money from anyone, they will be swept away entirely, and the people who work in these places, their pensions and jobs also swept away.

It would be far better for them; they have the infrastructure already in place, local knowledge and an immediate ability to act in everyone’s interests immediately. The only thing that would change would be they would lose the power to steal money. Most people would go along with a town council that worked only to clean the roads, keep them salted in winter and the hedges trimmed.

These new councils would be very responsive to what people actually want, because everyone would have the option of paying someone else to do the work, and of course, any talk of planning permission and the other big brother, rights destroying nonsense would be instantly dead in the water.

How everything would work precisely (or not work) is irrelevant; its important to remember that the foundation of the State is pure evil. There is no option to say, “well, if statelessness doesn’t work out, we can always go back to violence”. No, you cannot go back to immorality chaps; immorality is not a choice on the table for moral men. The violence of the state must be stopped. Period. It is unacceptable to all decent people that a society based on violence is simply tolerated as, “things just as they are”.

The State is a house built on immorality. It is a loathsome, noxious and bad smelling weed that has grown from a bad seed. This is the root problem that has to be fixed, and without it being fixed things are only going to get worse. Its time to pour the RoundUp® on this parasitic plant to kill it right down to the roots.

Finally, here is another video for you, that explains what is about to happen with the forthcoming collapse that we have been talking about:

it is these events that will be the turning point.

Lets hope that when this happens it spells at the very least, the end of the State. As everyone walks out of the wreckage, we can but hope that the shock wakes them up out of their hypnotic trance as the fatal blow to the Stat, its apparatus and apologists shuts the hypnotic transmitter that has kept everyone asleep.

There are enough Libertarians in circulation in the USA to save it from a return to a murderous imperial government. Perhaps with their example the rest of the civilised world will follow along. Certainly, if the USA turns to Libertarianism, they will drain the brains out of every other country with a population.

What a life!

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