Selling marijuana is not a crime!

August 20th, 2011

Recently, we have seen many news reports of marijuana stands being shut down by police and other government workers.

When kids sell things, such as marijuana, they are learning some very important lessons. They are learning about money and about being an entrepreneur. They are also learning how to be a productive member of society. They are learning about responsibility. They are participating in free and voluntary trade with willing participants. Selling marijuana is not a crime.

On August 20, 2011, we are suggesting that everyone who has children, who believe in this message, go outside and set up marijuana stands all across the country. Even if you don’t have children, go out and buy some marijuana from a local child’s marijuana stand.

We need to stand up for our kids. We need to send a message to the world. Selling marijuana is not a crime!

What To Do If Someone Tries To Shut Down Your marijuana Stand.

  • Always be respectful of any officials, follow their instructions even if they are wrong, and do not antagonize them.
  • Ask what is the statute or regulation that gives them the authority to shut down the stand, and what are the grounds for doing so.
  • Ask if the law or regulation specifically empowers them to shut down the stand or merely issue tickets for violations, especially a first violation.
  • Ask the officer if there are any exceptions in the rule for businesses owned and operated by minors, or businesses that earn below a certain amount (which may be referred to in the law or regulations as “de minimus”).
  • Ask to see the law or regulation.
  • Get the officer’s name and badge number, or if not a police officer, the official’s name, agency or department, and job title.
  • If possible, record the entire interaction on video (even if just a cell phone). *Please be aware of your state’s laws in regards to recording public officials. In some states it may be illegal.*
  • Do not offer the officials anything (including free marijuana) to overlook the violation.
  • Again, always be respectful of any officials, follow their instructions even if they are wrong, and do not antagonize them.

DISCLAIMER: This information is provided purely for informational purposes and is not intended to be legal advice. Instead it is meant to give people an idea of the kind of information they may find useful. At no time should anyone intentionally break the law. The laws and regulations that may affect any particular situation can vary significantly from city to city or state to state, and anyone recieving this information should not act upon the information without seeking professional legal counsel.


Well, there you have it; a substitution that needed no editing other than replacing ‘lemonade’ with ‘marijuana’.

Everything that is true about selling lemonade is true for selling marijuana, except that lemonade is a preparation, and marijuana to be smoked is not; it is merely harvested, hung upside down and put into packs.

I think its wonderful that all these people are going out and deliberately breaking the law. It needs to be done. They are of course, also committing the crime of conspiracy by organising on Facebook and teh internetz.

I wonder; how many of these people hold the same ideas about marijuana as they do about lemonade?

Clearly, if you accept that marijuana should be outlawed, you cannot say that the same State that outlaws marijuana should have no power to outlaw lemonade stands. The two are indistinguishable, in that they are both goods that are exchanged voluntarily; in fact, sellers of marijuana learn more about business and life than sellers of lemonade, because they learn about security, the State, corruption, illogic, and the inherently corrupt, arbitrary and violent legal system.

This lemonade protest is just the latest phase of the widespread awakening that is happening in the USA.

These are quiet, ordinary, clean, decent, law abiding, tax paying, voting Americans. This protest is also highly symbolic; lemonade stands are as American as apple pie. The fact that the State is attacking them so stupidly and viciously, exposes the State for what it really is un-American and anti apple pie. The State is in fact, the enemy of all things American, like Liberty, lemonade stands, marijuana, getting on a plane as you do a skate board and all the things that made America a half way decent place to live in, that people were willing to die for because life on the whole was so sweet there.

America has to change. It has to change into a pure republic, and cease being a democracy.

In a democracy, if the majority vote to outlaw apple pie or lemonade stands, then that is de facto legitimate. In a republic, growing and smoking marijuana, ‘gay marriage‘, erlenmeyer flasks, raw milk, miscegenation, Egon Schiele, copying ideas and many other things can be made illegal, simply by a brainwashed majority of eligible voters casting a ballot. If you happen to be on the wrong side of that vote, then its tough luck for you in ‘your’ democracy.

It is entirely irrational therefore, to be a proponent of democracy, and also be against any law that forbids, for example, lemonade stands. There will always be someone who does not like lemonade stands or apple pie. These things might seem like the most natural activities and foods in the world to you; they might even be a long standing tradition of doing them in your country. None of that matters in a democracy. If there is a well organized, insane group of people who are willing to strip you of your rights with the power of the State, you will lose your ability to do what you like without becoming criminalised or looted from (taxed).

When someone is forbidden from smoking marijuana, or painting a painting, or marrying as they choose, this is a direct attack on you, apple pie and lemonade stands. If you do not see this, then you are simply a fool.

When the lemonade stand people join elbows with the gays, and the marijuana smokers and the home schoolers, the raw food suppliers, the harassed travellers and all the other people who are having their rights suppressed; when they all realise that they have common cause with people they would never normally have anything to do with – by choice – against their common enemy, the State…

Then it will be GAME OVER!

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