Use it or lose it…

June 22nd, 2006

Public libraries are on the verge of extinction warn campaigners. How can they be protected for the future?

Be honest – when did you last use your local library? Do you even know where it is?


We use our library at least weekly. There is no excuse not to, since:

We can rent CDs and DVDs from the library much cheaper than other places.

They may have a poor stock, but one can order ANY BOOK YOU LIKE and it will be brought to your local library. It takes one minute to fill in a form. Same for CDs and DVDs.
We can check stock and renew items online.

They hold a wealth of local information, both historical and about upcoming events.

They give classes in many things for kids and adults. There are kids story-telling sessions too.

They have computers with free internet access.

What more do you want!?!?!???

Knowledge is sustenance, and here is a font to sup at for free. Fill thy cups, my friends!

6 Responses to “Use it or lose it…”

  1. irdial Says:

    We cannot afford public libraries, because we need to replace Trident. Duh!

  2. Alun Says:

    It is almost exactly 2 years since I posted musings that the cost of simply maintaining the UK’s nuclear ‘deterrent’ cost

  3. meaumeau Says:

    15-25 billion? You could get an NIR for that ….

    The fertility statistics graph is interesting – fertility falls under both the last two Labour regimes!

  4. meaumeau Says:

    Okay, live births fall.

  5. Alun Says:

    Since infant mortality is getting lower and lower, and fertility within the population is decreasing steadily, this ‘balance’ would suggest that live births directly correlate not necessarily with either fertility or survival, as such, but with shagging.

    Labour creates wankers?

  6. irdial Says:

    We have mumps in our house AGAIN.

    THEY decided to use YOUR MONEY

    We have been here before have we not?

    We KNOW what must be done!

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