Necessity: the mother of all uninvention

August 24th, 2006

The threat of liquid explosives would remain, as it was not possible to “uninvent” a threat, but the ways in which it was dealt with could change, officials said.


The mind BOGGLES at the illogic of these people.

They invent a threat, and then say everyone must suffer because they cannot uninvent what they have invented!

The comletely bogus ‘ricin plot’ is no different from this ‘liquid bomb plot’. It is a fiction, an invention, a fairy tale, a sham, a circus, a fraud, a deception, a shake-down, a fourberie, a ruse.

I’ll tell you about ‘uninvention’; the beasts who are behind this are going to be uninvented very shortly, at the polls.

This absurd baggage ban demonstrates that the Soviet yearning snakes at the helm are wiling to destroy Britain as a place of culture…without any reason whatsoever. This is hardly surprising; after all, they think that Ballet is not suitable for charity status since it is a ‘liesure activity’ and not an art. Classical music? Like private schools, its for the elite only, not fit for charitable status and should be banned altogether.

This is the true nature of the unimaginable beasts that have taken over this country. They have now locked all fine instruments into Britain and locked out all fine instruments. This means that if Hélène Clerc-Murgier wants to come here with her instrument, she cannot. It means that all classical musicians in the UK cannot get out with their instruments.

This is total insanity.

For years people have been threatening to blow up planes…and sometimes they got away with it. At no time did anyone ever suggest that everyone everywhere should be penalized due to the actions of a small number of people, and that was in the days when the threat was not manufactured; in the days of the Red Brigade, Baader-Mienhof, and Carlos ‘The Jackal’ . Are we now supposed to cower like dogs because a couple of bearded STUDENTS chat about ‘bombz’ on teh internetz?

Come on!

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