His very own ‘Oppenhiemer moment’

November 2nd, 2006

The Times November 02, 2006

DNA pioneer accuses the police of being overzealous By Stewart Tendler, Crime Correspondent

The man who developed DNA testing in the 1980s has attacked the spread of data collection by police as mission creep. Sir Alec Jeffreys said that the tool, which was meant to catch criminals who reoffend, has created a vast database of gene profiles of thousands of innocent citizens.

Professor Jeffreys, who is head of genetics research at Leicester University, said: Now hundreds of thousands of entirely innocent people are populating that database, people who have come to the polices attention, for example by being charged with a crime and subsequently released…


Yet another scientist who’s work is being abused.

You remember Oppenhiemer and his post Manhattan success ‘Shiva’ quote don’t you? Google it if you haven’t got a clue about what I am talking about.

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