The Return of Jultra

November 2nd, 2006

“Today I fear that we are in fact waking up to a surveillance society that is already all around us,” Mr Thomas said.”

Well duh. I could have told you that for free and saved the glorious social democratic state a few quid on your wages.

The reality is this, those cameras need to come


, people need to tearing them down like the Berlin wall.

And people should not be paying taxes or accepting ‘social political punishments’ based on amalgamated lifestyle data, government departments should not be sharing information and the human ID radical quantized pleb-grid needs to be liquidated.


Jultra is back!

the hideous disgusting turd, Gordon Brown tries use global warming as a political weapon against the population to mold them into a new shape, against a backdrop with a strong lobby in the establishment for more war and police-state measures, I think we need to take a much harsher approach and stop fucking around.

Some have said that the best thing for the UK (and especially the US) would be a military coup. That sounds a dramatic and dangerous proposition and indeed it is, but in all honesty, I don’t think it’s something that we can afford to rule out either. I don’t see it happening but quite frankly, the problem is, if you just carry on like this things are just going to continue to get worse, so some sort of really major revolt at least is necessary.

A state with cameras everywhere logging car journeys, sticking bugs in wheelie bins, house arrest, internment, biometric ID slave grids, information sharing, a new even more intrusive census etc etc etc is not a legitimate entity at all, it is now a vile and illegitimate mess (note legislation doesn’t make something legitimate) and it’s vital that we understand that these things are wrong and to put it bluntly, they need to be disposed of and there is a strong impetus to dispose of them.

People like Jultra really UNDERSTAND what is going on and what needs to be done to fix it.

Any glimmer of legitimacy is now gone or at the very very least flickering out, but personally I would say gone. In my opinion, the rule of law or the process of the rule of law is sufficiently compromised and twisted as to make its meaning overall considerably problematic. A strong contributory factor in this is a logged, watched society where everyone lives in some quantized pleb-grid, which itself also eats away at the very meaning of the law.

You see?!

When the state becomes a complete meaningless failure run into the ground by degenerate socialists like Gordon Brown and David Miliband obsessed by their own egos who want to hurt people with their stream of putrid filth and remold peoples’ lives as if the country were their private socialist toy factory, I think the state is something we have to reassess the legitimacy of, reassess the meaning of, and I’m sorry to say therefore I think the case for supporting a state gone malignant, also in light of these plans with council tax, green taxes and so on has to be very strongly reassessed and people should not feel that pouring money into this catastrophe is anymore an appropriate thing to do than pouring money into a pedophile ring. New and existing forms of taxation should no longer be accepted by rolling your eyes and treating it as a kind of tolerable burden anymore. They should now be challenged.

For how many years have I been talking like this?

Also, kind of on this point, the BBC needs to go, it has proved itself an utterly worthless heap of poisonous sickly drivel for the most moronic and politically-crippled in society. If it doesn’t want ads, then it should become subscription-funded or die. The concept of a ‘state broadcaster’ and TV tax is an archaic nonsense that belongs in the dusty wardrobe of history.

like everything else, you should refuse to pay for it point blank.

In the current climate though, I don’t think the state as it currently is; a grotesque monument to New Labour’s perversion and to the repugnant cowardice of the civil service and council workers, has any real legitimacy anymore quite honestly, it’s a broken, stained monster that people should now start rejecting and viciously chipping away at with a view to getting rid of what it has been made into, and where it is heading, and trying to restore it to something more appropriate.

Again, as I’ve said before, this is not a case of this policy is bad, that policy bad, the whole thing is bad. And yes, I feel that the UK is in real trouble, it is quite literally broken. I think we have to say that, we have to accept that and frankly there now needs to be an organised zero-tolerance movement against what it has become. […]

As it was in the case of the the Berlin Wall, the decent people need to come out en-masse and tear down all CCTV in a day of action to free us from surveillance. I have said this before. As in the case of the former East Germany, there will be many people who are actually FOR the surveillance of everyone. They will be pushed out of the way.

A critical mass of disgust is coming, and this mass is aggregating at a rate that is the cube of the square of the numbers of people who are pissed off at whatever new horror HMG comes up with. Soon this enormous mass will collapse into a black hole that will destroy this country. It will then be re-born, bursting into a Quasar of a new and better Britain, where the bright light of millions of suns will NEVER allow a Bliar or a Brown or a Reid or a Blunkett or a Straw to ever again soil this beautiful island.

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