The Lion of the Desert

November 5th, 2006

So, the kangaroo court of Bagdad has found The President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein ‘guilty’ and sentenced him to hang.

Well, if President Saddam Hussein is guilty of ‘crimes against humanity’ then Bliar, Straw, Blunkett, and the entire camarilla cabinet that presided over the illegal lie-fueled invasion of Iraq and the mass murder of 650,000 people should also hang at the same time, along with their masters Bush, Cheyney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Perle, Kristol et al.

Its only fair. They have murdered FAR MORE people than President Saddam Hussein ever did.

Either way, history will show that President Saddam Hussein did something that the americans and their lap dog murder servants could never do; keep Iraq and its factions united in a single, country. One man, who they say is a ‘murderer’ did that for decades. Hundreds of thousands of american murderers, armed to the teeth, with the latest technology can’t even control checkpoints.

Still, they have the NERVE to talk about other countries. ANY other country.

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  1. Barrie Says:

    Not to mention the *ridiculously obvious* timing of this “judgement,” something that is so obvious that someone would have to be a shockingly stupid dullard to not notice. It’s so obvious, though, that it can’t do anything but totally backfire, the massive wave of violence that will probably happen in its wake making more and more people think “hey… now that was a bad fucking idea.”
    I’m not saying that Hussein shouldn’t be tried or found guilty of the horrible things he’s done, but a proper trial can only take place in a legitimate court on legitimate grounds, two things which this “trial” cannot attest to. It’s a shocking, hypocritical and altogether disgusting thing.
    And yeah, in addition not to mention the fact that none of this insane sectarian violence would have spread and grown if the social fabric of this sovereign nation had not been shattered by an invasion that allowed it to happen.
    Good times. Don’t you just love the world? I find it hard to be optimistic when the news is a constant cavalcade of never-ending atrocity and bullshit.

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