A false torture demonstration

November 5th, 2007

Media Matters has a piece on a Fox News item where one of their journalists is put through waterboarding ‘to see what it is like’.

Of course, it is a total sham and pure propaganda.

This journalist is in TOTAL CONTROL of the process; when he says ‘stop’ they stop immediately. This is nothing like real torture, where you have NO CONTROL AT ALL and you are AT THE MERCY of the interrogator.

An eternity ago we wrote about a Channel 4 documentary where people were put through ‘The Gitmo experience™’ as an experiment:

Monday, February 28, 2005

On Channel 4’s programme about Guantanamo, an Oxford student who volunteered to be tortured was shaved bald, stripped naked, and forced to listen to…


and…that was the point at which he broke.

This total moron (and another one who bottle out) thought that Guantanamo was needed ‘to catch the bad guys’. After 40 hours and TG, he totally changed his mind. What a stupid idiot.

Will somebody please PLEASE wake me up!

THAT is the story that everyone needs to see, not some pathetic fake, Torture Feelgood™ ‘demonstration’ designed to pull the wool over your eyes.

You can watch the whole series for yourself to see what we are talking about, and what a sham that Fox News item is.

Fox News transmitting a deception…quelle suprise!

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