The idiocracy is here!

November 13th, 2007

An “SMS Keyboard” for Conventional Computers

A novel product has been launched which offers a mobile phone style keyboard to replace the more conventional QWERTY keyboard for computers. It is aimed at people who have become so comfortable with sending SMSs that they are not able to use a conventional computer layout any more. The cre8txt keyboard connects directly to a PC running Windows and provides quick character entry via the mobile phone style key layout.The company who sell this keyboard have also developed a software program which converts “txt slang” into correct English. The cre8txt software comes with over 140,000 words in a cre8txt English wordbank and SMS Slang translator. Users can add their own words and SMS slang at anytime.The Design Registered and patent pending invention is being brought to the market by a group of education technology specialists and edutainment experts with over 76 years of experience between them. They have been working on the project for two years.


You’re fucked up, you talk like a fag and your shits all retarded.

Yes indeed.

That is a quote from the film, Idiocracy where in the future, thanks to bad breeding, everyone on earth has a moron level IQ.

The keyboard above is a very clever device, and the people who put it together are smart guys. What it does however, is stop people from learning English by allowing them to use a shorthand language to input real English words into a computer. If you have a device that does your thinking for you, then you suffer. How long will it be before this is the only keyboard find attached to a computer in schools? Thinking about it, you could argue that speech to text software is just as bad, but in fact, it is not, because speech to text software doesn’t involve a intermediary form of ‘sub-english’ that needs to be translated before you get the words on the page.

All of this brings us to the most important point; what to do about breeding.

The people who are facing the facts about uncontrolled breeding are considered monsters today, but I wonder how many people would change their minds and soften their hostility to selective breeding if they knew that an overpopulated ‘Idiocracy’ future was coming?

The documentary Endgame spells out the plans of some people to control the breeding of everyone on earth, after exterminating 80% of the population. What that great piece doesn’t address is what will happen if these bad guys are stopped, and things are left exactly as they are.

Here is an interesting report ‘The Report of The Commission on Population Growth and the American Future’ from The Center for Research on Population and Security, published March 27th, 1972. Just from the titles under each chapter it looks like disturbing reading.

I would like to read some thoughts about how either the current ideas that population growth at its current level is by some method sustainable, or alternatives to controlling population growth that do not involve brutal culling ending in THX-1138 style hive living.

O & btw u rly wnt to c tht thx clp up thr.

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  1. a hymn in g to naan Says:

    I remember a great Star Trek episode that dealt with the issue of overpopulation. Our heroes visited a planet that had implemented a system of invented warfare, regulated by computers. The program decided at regular intervals which areas of the planet would have been wiped out in a real war. The population living in that area were then summoned and exterminated. These people were happy to indulge the process because it was ‘fair’. Dr Spock was able to admire the logic of the solution, but had trouble with the morality.

  2. irdial Says:

    Actually, the relevant episode is “The Mark of Gideon” which goes like this:

    The Enterprise is sent to establish relations between the Federation and the planet Gideon, a potential new member of the UFP and a reportedly germ-free paradise. The self-isolated Gideonites agree to allow one Federation representative (Captain Kirk) to beam down and (since the planet is shielded from sensors) provide the appropriate transporter coordinates to bring Kirk into the Gideon council chambers. Kirk transports down, only to find himself on what appears to be a deserted Enterprise. He has a painful bruise on his arm, and there are about nine minutes missing from his memory. Soon, a beautiful young girl (Odona) appears, claiming to not know where she is from or how she got on the ship. She tells Kirk of memories of an incredibly crowded world, where every inch is covered by people. As Kirk and Odona “get to know” each other, Spock is thwarted at every turn (the Gideonites, Starfleet, the Federation) in his attempts to discover what happened to Captain Kirk. Just as Kirk begins to realize something suspicious is going on, Odona falls ill and collapses. Kirk carries the girl to Sick Bay but is met by Odona’s father, Gideon Ambassador Hodin. Hodin explains to Kirk that Odona was purposely infected with the deadly Vegan choriomeningitis virus (obtained from Kirk’s blood

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