Vile attack dog David Shuster VS Ron Paul

December 27th, 2007

Whilst both Tucker Carlson and Joe Scarborough, both more or less polite and as close to fair minded MSM types as you are going to find in that electronic sewer were off duty, the anti-Paul machine rolled out their animatronic attack swine ‘David Shuster’ to fill in BOTH slots to attack Ron Paul in rapid succession in a most ignorant, petty, absurd, ill mannered and stupid way.

Here are the two clips in question.

Lets find out about this utter moron shall we?

David Shuster
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

David Shuster (born 1967) is an American journalist for NBC News and MSNBC.
He is a correspondent for Hardball with Chris Matthews and other MSNBC programs. He is based in Washington, D.C.

Early career
A native of Bloomington, Indiana, Shuster graduated with honors from the University of Michigan, and started his journalism career at CNN’s Washington, D.C. bureau. He was an assignment editor and field producer from 1990 to 1994, covering both the Persian Gulf War and the 1992 presidential election campaign. Shuster left CNN in 1994 to become a political reporter for the ABC affiliate KATV in Little Rock, Arkansas, covering the Whitewater controversy. At KATV, he won a regional Emmy Award for investigative journalism for his reporting on a manufactured housing scandal.

Tenure at Fox News
In 1996, Shuster joined the Fox News Channel in Washington, D.C., covering Bill Clinton’s involvement in the Whitewater scandal, the Monica Lewinsky scandal, the Starr Report, and the Clinton impeachment. He was at The Pentagon during the September 11, 2001 attacks, when American Airlines Flight 77 crashed into it. After September 11, he headed Fox News’ coverage of the War in Afghanistan.[…]


Hmmm, so, he worked for the scumbag FOX news channel, and according to internets, they sacked him. Too coarse for FOX? Now that is saying something.

This bastard is just the sort of religious fanatic that has brought america to its knees. Ron Paul dared to challenge the deity of one of america’s Gods, Abraham Lincoln, who all american schoolchildren are brainwashed to recite, ‘Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves’. To suggest otherwise, to say that the motivations behind the Civil war were grey and not Black and White (…I typed that!) is simply blasphemy to ‘americans’ like Shuster, and that is why that imbecile presenter addressed Dr. Paul as ‘Mr. Paul’, in a most disrespectful and childish manner, and another referred to him as a ‘crackpot’ on air, during the ‘interview’.

Most of the time the antics of FOX level journalists should be passed around as jokes, like the dribble of David Shuster, but this outburst of guided infantilism needs to be called out as such it is so flagrant and revolting in its nature.

This moron was put in place on the two shows where Ron Paul has a sympathetic response, deliberately, using all the lamest of the lame 20th century shout over the interviewee, stay away from what really matters tactics that have made the MSM the discredited thing that it is. What is so sad is that on Joe’s programme no one stood up and countered Shuster’s blatant MSM attack by simply saying, “Hold on a minute David, we are all tired of this sort of thing, lets ask some real questions instead of playing these silly games”. This is after all, the same show where the presenter refused to do a story about Paris Hilton because it was ‘not news’.

Credit where credit is due she put in a snide dig at Shuster saying there was a Paris Hilton story coming up that he could do coming up, implying that that is the level he operates at.

Ron Paul pointed out from the outset that it is totally absurd that he is now answering esoteric questions about the history of the Civil War when americans are dying in Iraq, Iran is about to be illegally attacked, troops are in Afghanistan unconstitutionally…you can’t make nonsense like this up, and yet, cretins like David Shuster try and burn Dr. Paul at the stake because of his reading of history, which is different to the pseudo religious indoctrinated drivel that him and his schoolmates have swallowed hook line and sinker.

Anyone who is reasonable, anyone who is intelligent, is able to sit quietly and consider another viewpoint. It is totally absurd to ask someone to ‘retract a statement’ just because it is slightly different to the opinion of others. This is precisely what religious inquisitors used to do when they were torturing heretics; they would ask them over and over to recant, and return to the faith. This is what Shuster did, with a most objectionable tone of voice and manner ill suited to serious discussion at a time when america needs to look very carefully and logically at itself in this pivotal moment in its history.

Once again, types like Shuster (and they are a type to be sure) are what makes america a dangerous place. Thankfully, Dr. Paul is and was able to make his points beautifully and show Shuster for what he really is, a pathetic, uneducated dimwit, without imagination, manners and the ability to think himself out of a wet paper bag.

I hope that Tucker Carlson and Joe Scarborough apologize for the insults this bad man heaped on Dr. Paul when they return to work. Not that they need to, because types like Shuster are naked examples of operation mockingbird ‘journalists’ sent out to attack, disinform, lie through their teeth and disrupt.

Every word of Shuster’s shambling and amateurish attacks expose him as an errand boy…

But is any of this important any more?

Once again, people are talking about the antics of MSM and not the facts about the emergency facing us. Of course on BLOGDIAL, all we do is talk facts, logic and relevant ‘how tos’ so we have built up enough credit to allow us to digress and let loose on these animals once in a while.In any case, no one except the educationally sub normal, is buying into the lies of MSM. Everyone is turning to internets for their news and opinion and clear thinking; does it matter that human garbage like Shuster attack Ron Paul in this way?

It matters in that the Mockingbird system is being pushed into high gear, and that this is a sign that Ron Paul is seen as a real threat. If they are thinking in this way and pushing the pawns like Shuster along the board, you can be sure that they are acting in other ways to try and undermine and deflect away from the message of The Revolution. The Tim Russert ‘interview’ showed how deep they are wiling to dig to try and discredit Dr. Paul – they have gone through everything he has ever said, trying to pull out everything that looks odd, ‘controversial’ or that is not part of the american religious doctrine, like the worship of Lincoln. This is all they can do, because they cannot find any pictures of him sitting on a boat named monkey business with a blond on his lap.

At the end of the day, MSM still doesn’t matter, and neither do its human slugs on leashes like David Shuster. As long as people use the internets to talk to each other, to discredit MSM and to spread correct information, to keep everyone on topic, not only will the circuits of MSM be disrupted, but truth will propagate exponentially, and the louder the Shuster types shout, the more absurd and on the wrong side of history (my favorite phrase of the moment) they will rightly appear to be. We will win. We will continue to win.

What follows is the most important fact of all.

The fact that they are creating a purpose built single function Anti-Paul machine means that they actually fear the potential of a popular revolution in America, one that can completely reverse everything they have done so far to dismantle America. They understand, more than anyone, that the true power of that country rests in its population, and once that population reaches critical mass of opposition, there will be nothing they can do to stop it. This is what happened in the ‘Satellite States’ of the Soviet Union. This is what happened with People Power in the Philippines. America is no different from those countries, and if the informational tipping point is reached with the message that Ron Paul is carrying, then nothing will be able to stop him or someone identical to him from becoming president, and once that happens, the congress will be swept clean and the real America will start to re-emerge as the police state infrastructure is dismantled bit by bit.

I say it can and must happen.

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