ID Cards, a Postal Vote and a Tandoori

May 6th, 2010

The World Should Now Be Considered in Revolution

It is noteworthy that so many disparate groups currently hate government activities that the Mayor of New York City was far off on who drove an SUV into Times Square in an attempt to bomb the famed landmark He initially said :

If I had to guess, twenty five cents, this would be exactly that. Homegrown maybe a mentally deranged person or someone with a political agenda that doesn’t like the health care bill or something. It could be anything.

There is so much anger in the world, a government can really be confused as to who is after it.

Consider the range of anger right now. Completely different philosophies, completely different views of the world, but the Times Square bomber, the Tea Party movement, the Ron Paul movement and the protesters in Greece have one thing in common, a rejection of control by the global plotters.

Ron Paul is in most ways as far as you can get from the Times Square bomber. Paul is non-violent and wants to work through the system. The Times Square bomber planned to express his objections to the global plotters by bizarrely attempting to blow up an SUV in Times Square, but triggering all these actions is a rejection of multi-national government attempts to force their will on the people.

Governments have been slowly moving towards global this and global that, well the one thing they have succeeded at is global anger. People are pissed off in Toledo, Islamabad, Athens and Des Moines. The degree of anger is different, the justification for the anger is varied, but around the globe the anger is there, all in one way or another traced back to multinational-government actions.

In Greece, it’s multinational-government actions via the EU and the IMF attempting to push “austerity programs” against the people. In Pakistan, it’s anger against the multinational-government military actions in the area.

In the United States, its anger against the global banksters that brought panic to the financial system and then raped the taxpayers and paid themselves huge bonuses. The U.S. global banksters are, of course,the puppeteers that are behind all these multinational-government actions.

The banksters have created a world that is in revolution. How all this plays out I have no idea. The genie will not be able to be put back in the bottle. The anger appears to be deep enough that the banksters may have to decide how evil they really are. Will they give the order to crush the revolution, and I mean crush, resulting in millions dead, or will they pull a Gorbachev and choose the noble and wise way and let the flawed bankster built system collapse?

I don’t think the people of the world have figured out yet that they are all protesting, in one way or another, the same one world government/banksters, but if they do, I would hate to be a bankster or a tool of the banksters.


This is all true.

The solution in the long term is for everyone to switch to gold coins for their money, on an individual basis. The abandonment of paper money and the mass disobedience of legal tender laws is the only way that everyone is going to get rid of these criminal counterfeiters.

Britain has a huge problem facing it, and the only solution that will pull it free of its crisis is the implementation of Natural Law and this island turning into a Hong Kong style free trade zone. In one year, the entire ‘crisis’ would be over; there would be widespread prosperity, a massive influx in investment from abroad, and a huge reduction in the jobless numbers.

Snipping around the edges with a pair of nail-clippers is not going to do anything to solve the problem, and if they think they can tax their way out of this problem, like the insane Greeks who are going to raise VAT to 23%, and bring in all sorts of draconian regulations like outlawing cash transfers of more than €1500, they have another thing coming. Anyone in Greece with money or brains and talent or any combination of all three is already planning to escape from that sinking ship. The only way that the criminal Greek government is going to be able to stop it is by barring the doors.

Either way, its clear that business as usual is off the table. We have said it on BLOGDIAL before in the context of Home Education; there is no money for the massive and completely illegitimate nanny state. Like all socialist states, this one has run out of other people’s money to spend; they can now either voluntarily shrink and stay in power, or collapse and let chaos bring order. The choice is a simple one, and the British already know how to run an extremely successful country as a free trade zone.

I do not believe that anyone is going to tolerate garbage from the Tories, and of course, they would be insane to do so even for one second.

While we are at it last night, I got the explanation of why Labour are polling so incredibly, inexplicably high.

I went out to a fine Tandoori restaurant, where a young waiter foolishly mentioned the election.

I said to him, “heh, anyone as long as it is not Labour.”

He said, “Why is that? What do you mean?”

I said, “They are the only one that is for the ID card; every other party is going to scrap it”.

He said, “What’s the problem with that?!”

I said, turning to the large mirror behind us, “You see that person in the mirror (pointing to him); that person is BROWN. That BROWN person is going to be stopped and searched by the police to show his ID Card just because he is BROWN. Just like the South African ‘Pass Laws’ the ID Card will be used to discriminate against you and all your family, who will have to prove, every day, that you are legally in this country. If you do not bring your card out with you, dont worry; your fingerprint in the National Identity Database will be checked with a hand held scanner that the police are going to be issued with….IF LABOUR GET IN”.

His face DROPPED, as he realised the racist nature of the ID Card.


I said, “You what?!”

He said, “I have always voted Labour, because my Father always did, so thats why I vote for them, you know what I mean? I just told my brother to vote for them also…. why don’t they tell us these things?!”… Fingerprinting… thats like if I was a murderer or something!….

And there you have it.

I was so angry I felt sick to my stomach. I could barely eat my food.

Once again, the question came to me that I have asked myself for decades; why is it that anyone should be subject to the will of people like this?

Of course, free people are not subject to any of it whatsoever, but you, who believe in democracy and who willingly submit to it, well, you are simply and demonstrably INSANE.

People are voting who have not the slightest idea of what they are doing, its implications, the policies on offer or anything at all to do with voting or politics… they are simply doing what their Fathers did. That is why Labour are polling so highly, where they should be running at ZERO.. and of course, the totally insane LibDems want to lower the voting age to 16 to exacerbate this problem of the influence of the ignorant on the levers of control.

Yes indeed; it really is GAME OVER for this madness. Its just a question of time and the shape of the system that will emerge from the ashes. And I do hope that its not literally ashes.

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  2. Alun Says:

    People are voting who have not the slightest idea of what they are doing, its implications, the policies on offer or anything at all to do with voting or politics

    And this morning, in the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man /still/ believes he is king. He must be viewing his ‘moral compass’ with the wrong eye.

    If Gordon Brown had any honour:

  3. irdial Says:

    Gordon Brown is a mass murdering, value destroying, paedophile enabling subhuman scumbag. A man who would murder millions of people without any remorse has no honour, no regret, no empathy for other human beings… he is less than a human being.

    And for the empathy part, those who know an autistic person recognise in Gordon Brown a classic autistic spectrum type. His mannerisms, inability to listen, wooden expressionless face, miscued smiles; it all adds up to one thing, and that is AUTISM.

    Gordon Brown LITERALLY cannot value other human beings because he is physically incapable of doing so. His mind blindness prevents him from understanding other people. He clearly has a great capacity to memorise and learn, because that is the only way these people are able to exist with other human beings; they have to build up a catalogue of stock responses that they know work with other people, whose faces, words and actions they are incapable of reading.

    I do not have anything but sympathy for Autistic people. They should be nurtured, loved, embraced accepted and treated just like everyone else. THey have the same rights as all other human beings, but, like the blind not being able to fly planes, the autistic have no place in certain jobs that require empathy. The blind should not be in a position where they have to judge wether or not art is ‘obscene’ like David Blunkett was tasked with doing. He has NEVER SEEN A FILM, and so how can he possibly fulfil that part and the other parts his role that require sight?

    Gordon Brown is AUTISTIC, so how can he possibly be in charge of anything that requires empathy for other people? He can steal money from anyone and feel nothing. He can send people to kill and to die and feel nothing. There is no basis in him for understanding the pain of other people, and if there are to be politicians at all (which there should not be) whoever does that job should be able to feel

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