ID Cards aborted: VICTORY IS HERE!

May 12th, 2010

After many years of writing, campaigning, pledging, linking blogging, commenting and incandescent rage…

ID CARDS and the evil NIR are a hair’s width away from being TOAST:

That screengrab is from the Identity and Passport Service website!!

And in case the scumbag, human rights violating beast-like animals take it down, here is a complete screengrab of the announcement.

All the evil people, the regime liars, human trafficking profiteers, abusers and human vermin who collaborated in this immoral and purely evil ill fated scheme; the delusional, incompetent, unfit for purpose Blunkett, the Liar Andy Burnham, the Elephantine hog wild regime liar Charles Clarke, the Kebab eating harpie Jacqui Smith and all of the rest of them whose names I cannot be bothered to type out – you may now safely go straight to hell and burn there.

You have LOST.

and FYI you incompetent imbeciles you ‘achieve this’ by issuing:


and then you telephone this company:

To permanently and SECURELY destroy the Hard Drives and all the data collected.


This bodes well for all the other nasty nonsense that the fascists of New Labour brought in, but of all the sickening schemes, the ID Card was the worst, because through it, they would have been able to gain absolute fine grained control over every single carrier of that card. They would have been able to shut off your access to food, to medicine, to your own money, to travel (even on busses and trains); they could have used it to build any number of truly horrible systems of control and surveillance with it. I do not believe that there are many people in the UK with a complete grasp of just how bad it could have become.

But that does not matter anymore.

This scheme is finished, and no more schemes like it will be possible for many years, should anyone be so stupid as to try and resurrect its corpse.

Britain is completely out of money. The state will struggle to sell its worthless bonds, which will soon be relegated to junk. It doesn’t matter what the ratings agencies say, investors know junk when they smell it. The pound may have ‘rallied’ but Gold is climbing steadily despite the pathetic offer of worthless help from the delusional Biden and the fantasy proposal of a trillion Euro bail out fund:

The fact of the matter is, the Nation States are bankrupt thanks to socialism, central banking and warmongering, and the worthless paper currencies that they are printing to destruction will not last much longer.

Very shortly, you and your family will be free of many state controls, simply because there is no more money left to pay people to use violence against you.

And that is a very good thing.

Once again, we see how the world can change from one day to the next. One week ago, it was not certain that the NIR and ID Cards would be scrapped. Now, their abortion is almost a forgone conclusion.

There is no reason whatsoever why a transformation to complete liberty should not be possible; what is the difference between today and last week? Nothing more than perception. Think about it; no direct order was given to the Identity and Passport Service to put up that page; they merely perceived that they should do it, and now, ID Cards being consigned to the shredder is a reality.

You need to think hard about this!

Tonight, we crack open a bottle of Jacquesson Cuvee Number 733 Brut Champagne to celebrate!

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