Manningham-Buller must be sacked

November 10th, 2006

This article, in the independent, is full of lies. Lets go!

There are up to 30 alleged “mass casualty” terror plots in operation in Britain,

This is a lie, just like all the other lies that have been dished out about bogus threats.

as well as hundreds of young British Muslims on a path to radicalisation, the head of MI5 has said.

There is no such thing as ‘radicalization’. You are murdering the relatives of these people and that is intolerable to any civilized person, as these people are. If someone were incinerating your cousins, you too would go berserk with anger.

Furthermore, you are shooting innocent people in their own homes simply because they are brown and have a beard. That is enough to make anyone take a bad attitude towards HMG, and its all for naught.

In an unprecedented public announcement yesterday, the MI5 director general, Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller, revealed that the caseload of the Security Services had risen by 80 per cent since January, and that the counter-terrorism agency was fighting to keep the rapidly growing threat under control

It has risen because you illegally invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, and committed mass murder in those places. If you withdraw and repent, then your caseload can return to levels and consist of what it should be; keeping track of what is in people’s garbage.

Describing the scale of the home-grown terrorist problem, she said MI5 and the police were tackling 200 groups or networks totalling more than 1,600 identified individuals in the UK who were “actively engaged in plotting or facilitating terrorist acts”.

The only thing ‘home grown’ about the ‘home-grown terrorist problem’ is that it has been hatched, nurtured and hand reared at Number 10 Downing Street. You know this. If you do not, you need to be sacked and replaced by someone who understands the problem and who genuinely has Britain’s interests at heart, and who is neutral. By coming out with this twaddle, you demonstrate that you are either not neutral (another one of Bliar’s liars) or you don’t understand the causes of the rage your government is fomenting. Either way, you are part of the problem.

Islamic militants linked to al -Qa’ida were recruiting teenagers to carry out attacks using chemicals, bacteriological agents, radioactive materials and even nuclear technology.

This is all a pack of nonsense. Just like the bogus ‘Ricin Plot‘ and the more recent ‘Liquids On Airplanes’ sharade. There are no such plans afoot, and if anyone is discussing them, it’s just ‘chatter’ and nothing substantial. In any case, if you want to talk about mass casualties, lets talk about the 650,000 murdered by Bliar and his henchmen. If you address that, in public, in an ‘unprecedented statement’ with frankness, you would be doing FAR MORE to shut down the chatter that is keeping you so ‘busy’, and perhaps these angry young men would start to believe that everyone in the UK is not out to kill them.

These people, are not stupid. Do you not think that they are using cellphones and the web to flood the channels with the keywords that you are looking for? Cypherpunks used to do this to make ECHELON incorrectly flag up communications. It’s done (in email) by putting trigger words in the body of your mail. The computers pick this up and flag it for the attention of a human. This keeps the ‘security’ services busy running around chasing phantoms.

This ‘battle’ cannot be won by using an axe to chop up the bucket carrying brooms. You have unleashed an unstoppable army of people who if they are cut down, bifurcate into two fighters, each as dedicated as the original. The only way to stop the onslaught is to break the magic spell that started it all off in the first place. And you know what that means.

Speaking to an audience at the department of contemporary British History at Queen Mary College in London, Dame Manningham-Buller said she was not seeking to be alarmist, and did not wish to stir up fear.

Now we are sure. You are one of Bliar’s Liars

But she added that because of the sheer scale of what MI5 faces, the issue is a daunting one. “We shan’t always make the right choices and we recognise that we shall have ‘scare sympathy’ if we are unable to prevent one of our targets committing an atrocity,” she said.

The only atrocity here is the dismantling of Britain and its cherished freedoms by a venal, monstrous, criminal gang of lying murders in thrall to The Great Satan. Yes, a mouthful. Leaves a bad taste too.

The nature of the threat was increasing because of the radicalisation of British Muslims, she told the audience, including some as young as 16, and it “will be with us for a generation”.

They can be disempowered in an instant. The cabinet that went to war should be sent immediatly to the Hague to face trial for war crimes. Justice will not only have been done, it will have been seen to have been done. All these 16 year olds will go back to music, mobile phones, girls and everything else that they should be doing.

Its being said all over the internets. If The President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein can be found guilty of crimes against humanity, then Bliar Bush and Murder Inc. should also be put on trial, because their crimes are actually greater than Saddam Hussein’s in the thoughts of every fair minded person, and that means 16 year olds in Birmingham. If you put a stop to their indignation right now, it will not have a chance to fester grow and harden. It will melt away like the pimples on their faces. This is your one and only chance to calm them down. I suggest that you take it.

The young age of potential terrorists also made it difficult for MI5 to infiltrate the groups. “Young teenagers are being groomed to be suicide bombers,” she said. “We are aware of numerous plots to kill people and to damage our economy. What do I mean by numerous? Give 10? No, nearer 30 that we know of.”

Lies and hysteria mongering. Shameful. Counterproductive. Evil.

At the extreme end, there were resilient networks directed by al-Qa’ida in Pakistan or some more loosely inspired by it, who were planning the attacks, she said. And while the training and the guidance comes from al -Qa’ida, it was “largely British foot soldiers here on an extensive and growing scale”.

Turn down the heat and the milk will not boil over. You should know this.

Given the scale of radicalisation, this indoctrination was happening to some while still at school, she said, adding: “If the opinion polls conducted in the UK since July are only broadly accurate, over 100,000 of our citizens consider that the July bomb attacks in London were justified.”

Think about why that poll returned those results. You invaded a country without cause, in fact, on the basis of a lie. It was an unjustified act, resulting in the murder of 650,000 innocent people. In the minds of these 100,000 people, revenge for that act is completely justified, because it is in retaliation for a real injustice.

But there is more to it than that.

We know that those ‘London Bombers’ in the mythical and staged ‘7/7’ were patsies that didn’t know they were going to blow up anything but that is not the point. These 100,000 simpletons who answered those questions believe that ‘7/7’ was real, and they are basing their answers on that assumption. But you know this, because you know that ‘7/7’ was a piece of theatre, and you are, like Lord Tyrannus, holding up this bogus poll about a bogus event to bolster bogus claims about imaginary threats to further your ultimate goal.

What is really saddening is that the Independent publishes something like this without comment, without rebuttal, and doesn’t even let people comment on this garbage at their shitty website.

They have grand single issue covers “It’s the War Stupid” (or should that have been “It’s the Stupid War”??!!) and then inside, they revert to the ordinary, very stupid, twentieth century newspaper style, where they act as mouthpiece to whoever has the fistful of fivers and a good PR firm, printing the drivel verbatim.

Shame on you!

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