You cannot be given what you already own

April 3rd, 2007

Home births offered to all pregnant women

All pregnant women in England will be offered the choice of a home birth overseen by a midwife, the health secretary, Patricia Hewitt, pledged today.

What a generous offer!

Home birth is the right of every women. There are no ‘laws’ or ‘rules’ which say a women must have her child in hospital. However, the NHS has a default setting of We Know Best© , which they clealy do not. Women are currently ‘persuaded’ away from home birth by the culture of paranoia and control-freakery which fills the NHS, and to the greatest extent this happens during pregnancy.

We had to stand firm against GP, NHS and cultural pressure in order to have our home birth. But the midwife team who assisted on the day were wonderful. They work by the assumption that, all being well, all the midwife should do is make tea and catch the baby. And maybe not even that much!

Under a new plan for maternity services expectant mothers will be offered a “full range of birthing choices,” including home births, by 2009. Setting out the plans, Ms Hewitt said pregnant women would be given minimum guarantees about the level of service they can expect from the NHS.

Let me make it clear. This witch is offering you a gift of nothing, wrapped up in falsehoods. It is your absolute right to demand a homebirth.

She said: “I am making it absolutely clear: if you have a baby at home or indeed in a midwifery-led unit, it is only a professionally qualified midwife who can supervise that birth.”

She lies! A mother, a taxi driver, a husband or a child can supervise a birth. Here we see the hand of control-freakery, and the lieing voice of a dictatorial system who does not want you to realise that YOU have the power. Through these subtle lies they take this power away, making you subservient and dependent upon The State.

“Everything will be all right. You are in my hands. I am here to protect you. You have nowhere to go. You have nowhere to go. “


“There are clearly far more women out there who would like to have a home birth and could do so safely, but aren’t at the moment getting that option,” she added.

Wrong! They are being told there is no option, but this is a lie! If you demand a home birth, it must be provided for you. It is not an ‘option’, it is a right.

And worst of all, that most heinous of crimes, misinformation through poor reporting:

Asked why the government was keen on promoting home births despite known increased risks for mother and child, she said: “I think the important thing here is to give women choice and give them the information so they can make an informed choice.”


Home births are safer. Home births have less problems, use less drugs, stand less chance of post partum infection, are less stressful to mother and child, give control back to the mother… need I go on?

These people will tell you the truth. More truth. And yet more.

From the NHS website: “Home birth is becoming increasingly popular. For a healthy woman experiencing a normal pregnancy with no major complications anticipated during the birth, studies have shown that it is equally safe to be attended by midwives in the comfort of your own home as to have your baby in hospital.”

Birth is a natural process, not a disease. Know your rights. Own your body.

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  1. irdial Says:

    Asked why the government was keen on promoting home births despite known increased risks for mother and child, she said:

  2. Alun Says:

    What they may have finally realized is that home birth SAVES MONEY
    I’m not so sure… I think it may be a control issue, as with home schooling. Once the government sees that people are waking up and realizing that a world exists outside of the Govosphere, it immediately reaches out to try and encompass that world too. It is trying to make the sheeple believe that any ‘new-found’ options (BAH!) like home education and home birth are actually gifts from Government to People, before they remember that these are rights they once knew but had forgotten.

    Of note, York NHS trust (SICK!) has a casaerean rate of 27%. Twenty. Seven. Per. Hundred. The UK average is somewhere around 20-22%. Both are WAAAAAY above the WHO estimate of 10-15% as an absolute maximum in developed countries. You should be asking yourself why this is the case. And you should be finding the answer that most doctors in hospitals have no idea how to manage a perfectly natural birth without shitting themselves and slashing you open. Now tell me why you’d want to go into hospital to birth.

  3. irdial Says:

    why this is the case

    because they wont let the wombyn do what they need to do to deliver the baby, i.e. squat, walk around, clean up, moan and groan and just do it®

    why you

  4. BLOGDIAL » Blog Archive » Is Unassisted Childbirth Safe? You bet it is! Says:

    […] Home Birth is the first obvious choice; having a birth plan where Silver Nitrate or tetracycline is refused clearly is not an option, since the staff will simply say, “its the law” and secondly, they take your baby from you immediately and then do all their dastardly deeds out of sight. […]

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