The UK is a bigger terrorist threat to the US than any other country

August 30th, 2006

You may be thinking, okay this time MM has really lost it, but that isn’t my sentiment, rather it is that of ‘New Rpublic’ magazine (which says a lot) and some guy who appeared on the Toady programme’s regular 08:48(ish) F.E.A.R. slot. It was reported (yet again) that trrrrrrrrrrrrsts are exploiting the UK’s freedoms to plot terror antics against the US and may exploit the Visa Waiver Programme to board planes and blow up your family into bite sized bits of fish food whilst their dead souls cavort with pretty maidens (I’m paraphrasing). In any case this is clearly as softening of the ground for either removal of the Visa Waiver Programme AFTER insisting on access to PNR and biometrics in PURELY order to maintain the VWP, or to veal crate the population into giving over more information to prime the NIR database, or more likely BOTH.

btw Murdoch approves

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